What is A Modular Home? Here are The Facts You Should Know

What is a modular home? Maybe that’s the question that comes to your mind when you hear about modular homes. This house is different from stick-built homes which are made using bricks and wood frames. This type of house is actually a sub-type of prefabricated house.

So, a modular home definition is a prefabricated type house that is built with components made at the factory. This house is also different from houses built traditionally. A modular house consists of several parts of its modules. The modules are installed at the desired site and arranged like bricks.

Let’s Understand More What is A Modular Home so You Can Understand More about Modular Homes Definition

What are modular homes? Modular homes are houses built with a building system. The building system refers to the structure that is built compared to the original form taken. Most modular homes are built with this method.

Let’s discuss the modular homes definition so you can understand it better. Especially if you really plan to build this type of house. So, these modular homes are built off site, usually indoors with controlled home quality settings. This house was built with parts called modules and with special planning. The parts are then brought to the site to be assembled and installed on the foundation.

The building of the modular house is built to the same standard or to a higher standard. The construction is actually in accordance with the on-site stick-built homes. The construction method of this modular house itself is called permanent modular construction.

A modular house is a house that is built part by part with factory settings. This construction system is in accordance with the standards made by the International Residential Code (IRC) where the policy also depends on the location of the construction of the house.

After knowing what is a modular home, now we will also make you find out about the history of this modular home. Here we describe its history through several important points.

  • 1624: The first modular house was built in Cape Ann in 1624.
  • 1855: Renkioi Hospital was built with 1000 patients with innovations in sanitation, ventilation, and toilets.
  • 1875: The world’s first precast panel apartment was built and the construction process was invented by John Alexander Brodie.
  • 1908: Prefabricated houses were built during the Gold Rush in the United States. The houses were available in kit form in 1908.
  • Today: The fabrication of this modular house is now combined with modern design, low waste processes, eco-friendly materials and eco-friendly finishes inside the house. This modular house can also be adapted to the location and climate as desired by the home buyer. This is what makes modular homes more flexible than other types of houses.

After Understanding What Is A Modular Home, It’s Time to Discuss about Modular vs Manufactured Homes with Other Types of Homes

What is a modular home? We remind again that a modular house is a house that is built in a room with a factory-like setting so it is called prefabrication. The finished product is covered and transported to a new location where it will be assembled for construction. Modular homes are not a type of mobile home. This type of house is only a house that is built off site and is referred to as a prefab house.

Well, after you know what is a modular home, now we will discuss about modular vs manufactured homes because many people still have misunderstandings regarding these two types of houses. What is a manufactured home? This type of house is a type of prefabricated house where most of the parts are assembled at the factory and transported to the construction site. So what’s the difference between modular vs manufactured? Here we explain through some important points.

  • Manufactured homes are not placed on permanent foundations while modular homes are placed on permanent foundations.
  • A manufactured home is sometimes referred to as a mobile home and can be moved to another location, whereas a modular home is not the same as a mobile home.
  • In the manufactured home there are special rules and laws regarding relocation.

In addition to the manufactured vs modular difference, you also need to know the differences between this modular house and other types of homes, namely prefab homes and mobile homes. Here are some explanations that will make it easier for you to understand.

  • Modular homes vs prefab houses: In fact, modular homes and prefab houses are similar but in general a prefab house is a house made using parts that have been put together off-site. Meanwhile, a modular house is considered a prefab house because it is built in parts that exist elsewhere.
  • Modular homes vs mobile homes: Meanwhile, mobile homes are manufactured homes that were built before June 15, 1976. Then The Housing and Urban Development changed the term to be different from manufactured homes.

After you know what a modular home is and also how it differs from other types of houses, what exactly is the difference between this modular house and the on-site house type?

  • Modular homes are built indoors, so they can be completed in days or weeks.
  • The construction of this modular house must comply with the building rules and guidelines specifically made for the construction of the modular house. This often goes beyond traditional house building guidelines.
  • Make sure you look for more in-depth information because there are often quite striking differences in terms of quality, materials, and prices for the manufacture of the modular house. So doing research is one of the important things that you really have to do.

Next, let’s also discuss the main characteristics of this modular house so that you get a deeper understanding of what a modular home is.

  • Construction process: This modular house is built using the Building System which is an organized, efficient, and detailed method or system. This modular house was built by highly trained professionals so that this modular house saves time and is also very practical to build. In addition, this modular house also saves your house construction costs.
  • Custom design: This modular house is built with great detail. In addition, the designers of modular homes are also very concerned about the quality. Examples such as Rochester Homes which offer a large collection of very attractive modular house plans with a large selection of styles, colors, and great floor plans. Not only architects, but this modular house can also be built by a modular home design service provider company.
  • Timeline: The time for the construction of the modular house itself depends on the complexity of the house. But these modular home builders always work according to a predetermined timeline. Usually the construction time starting from the foundation construction is 60-120 days.
  • Cost required: The cost of this house is also quite affordable when compared to other types of houses. The cost of the house structure is a fixed cost that you must take. Labor costs and efficiency costs must also be included in your calculations to build this modular house. But in general, this modular house has a lower budget than other types of houses.
  • Appraisal and resale value of modular houses: Actually there is no significant difference between this modular house and other types of houses based on the valuation and selling value. This modular house has a good rating compared to other houses built on-site.

Other facts regarding modular homes that you should know are as follows.

  • Modular houses can actually be built in basements
  • Modular homes are usually built to withstand winds of up to one hundred and seventy-five miles per hour
  • Modular houses are considered more environmentally friendly
  • Modular homes also take less time to build
  • The tax you have to pay for this modular house is the same as the stick-built homes
  • The loan required to build this modular house is the same as the on-site house
  • Insurance from this modular house is also the same as the on-site house
  • Modular houses can be brought to the location of the house you want to build and installed on a permanent foundation
  • The modular house has the same value as the on-site house so its value cannot be depreciated
  • Modular homes are flexible and adaptable
  • These modular houses are usually built with designs made using CAD
  • Modular houses have a variety of designs and styles
  • Modular houses have a permanent structure
  • Modular homes are also accessible and designed according to future needs.

Then what does this modular house look like?

  • The design of this modular home can be rustic, ultra-modern, traditional, or a combination of them.
  • The model of this modular house can also depend on the preferences of the owner of the house.
  • The style of modular homes can also be customized so manufacturers usually partner with architects who will work with them to adapt the floor plans of the modular homes to the wants and needs of the homeowner.
  • This modular house is more efficient in terms of time, effort, and time. Usually the shape is similar to a studio apartment which requires at least 3,000 square feet with two floors.
  • The modular house can be a flexible type of house because it can adapt to your lifestyle needs.

Do You Have A Better Understanding of What a Modular Home? Now Let’s Discuss The Pros and Cons of This Modular Home

After knowing in depth what is a modular home, now we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this modular home. Well, first, let’s discuss the benefits of this modular home.

  • The construction of this modular house can be completed more quickly. That’s because this modular house is built indoors or on site so there will be no delays in house construction due to bad weather.
  • Modular houses also tend to be of high quality and good. This is because the construction is carried out indoors so that this modular house has a very good level of quality and consistency.
  • Modular houses are also cheaper than other types of houses. This is because there is a faster development time so it affects the construction costs which can be cheaper.
  • Modular houses are also more environmentally friendly. Why? This is because the modular house was built with the efficiency of fabrication so as to reduce excess materials and also the waste generated from the construction of the house. In addition, the house can operate with an efficiency of about 15% compared to an on-site house. This of course affects the costs needed to build the modular house.
  • Modular houses are also very adaptive and flexible which are designed with solar panels, energy batteries, and even energy-efficient light bulbs in mind.
  • Modular houses also have the same appraisal process as on-site houses. In addition, the taxes and insurance are the same as the on-site house but with superior quality and development process so that this modular house is better than on-site houses or other types of houses.

So what are the disadvantages of this modular house?

  • This modular house is not widely known by others, so if you later want to sell the house then you need to find a reliable real estate agent who can convince potential buyers to buy the modular house.
  • Because of the unique assembly, if you want to build this modular house, you also need to buy land.
  • You still need to build and manage work related to electricity and plumbing.
  • Getting a modular home mortgage is also quite difficult, so you have to work hard here.
  • Forget about is a modular home a trailer or is a modular home considered a manufactured home, because all you need to know is that this modular home still requires a lot of understanding that needs to be explained to many people so that it can increase its selling value, especially later when you intend to sell it again.

FAQ about Modular Home

  • How do modular homes sell compared to traditional homes?

If modular vs manufactured or a modular house is compared to a traditional house, usually the sale of a modular home will not be that much different from a traditional house. This is especially true for modular homes with the latest home construction. This is because modular homes with newer constructions are considered more profitable.

  • Are modular homes a good choice?

If you are a home buyer looking for something unique, then this modular home can be the best choice for you. Moreover, this modular house is indeed very impressive and also flexible. Not only that, if you refer to the explanation related to the modular home definition above, you will also know that this modular house is much more profitable for you in terms of time and finance.

  • Where can you find the nearest modular house near you?

You can find this modular house by using a search engine on the internet. Of course, there will be lots of modular homes that you can search for based on your closest location. You can also find modular homes with its manufacturers as well so you can have a choice of modular home construction that best suits your needs.

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