Smart Vacation Rental Owner Tips for Exploring New Opportunities in Rental Occupancy

Smart landlords are always on the lookout for alternative sources of renters to market to. Reaching out to niche crowds with a few simple listing title and description updates not only accesses new customers, but may extend a vacation owner’s rental season.

Below are a few alternative renter markets worth a look from vacation rental owners to increase rental occupancy.

Get pet friendly

A large and growing amount of travelers are bringing their four-legged friends on vacation. Have your pet-friendly vacation rental be at the forefront of their travel planning.

  • Announce your pet-friendly property in your listing title. ex. “Pets Welcome at South Shore Oceanfront Cottage – A Short Romp from ‘Dog-Friendly Beach'”
  • Play up the things pet owners look for in a home: a fenced in yard, nearby dog parks, dog-friendly walking trails, jogging tracks and/or bike trails for rollerblading/jogging.

Welcome the wheelchair

The addition of a ramp, a few kitchen updates and the installation of handrails in key areas can open a new realm of travelers to vacation rental owners.

  • As stated above, promote a handicap-accessible property in your title. ex. “Wheelchair Accessible Ocean Front on the South Shore – Relax in Comfort and Privacy with One-level Living”
  • Feature the comforts of your property that tie into the expectations of a disabled traveler for their own home: a sit-in shower with full length doors, one-level living, main living-level bedroom and laundry.

Take a tip from Bed and Breakfasts

Inns and homes used for Bed amp; Breakfasts often use creative promotions and offer meals with their accommodations.

  • Use fun, inviting titles reflective of the holiday or tour you are promoting. ex. “Valentine Week Romance Special – Ocean Views and Catered Candlelit Dinner For Two Included”
  • Appeal to the senses when promoting your property and, most importantly, update your online listing descriptions often, at least with each season. In spring use friendly, warm language. Describe the splay of blooming sea roses along the seawall in the description of your property. In fall, use warm language but instead describe the included hot chocolate, fall foliage nearby, and snuggling next to a roaring fire on the beach.

Connect with a local tour operator

Like including catered meals, networking with a local tour operator allows your property to offer unique lodging experiences to a whole new group of people.

  • Target your titles to appeal to those who would be most interested in your property and tour. ex. “Blow-it-out-your-hole Week – Ocean Views and Two Days of Whale Watching Included”
  • Tours can be as simple as setting providing an mp3 walking tour of the local marina or State Park – or as complicated as arranging for a private harbor island tour with a beach stop for lunch. No matter what you do, work with proven operators whose work ethic and business personality meshes easily with yours.

Specializing in a niche and updating online listings puts a vacation rental owner in a category above the rest. Look at your current market. Are there any other niche groups becoming a trend in your area?

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