Courtesy Tips for Townhouse Renters

Moving out of an apartment and into a townhouse is a landmark in every renter’s life. Not only do you have more space, but in most cases you’ll even have a tiny yard to call your own. However, renting a townhouse comes with responsibilities that some new renters seem to be clueless to. Having lived in a townhouse which I’ve owned for the past five years, I have seen townhouse renters come and go. Most were courteous and wonderful to have as neighbors, but there are a few that made my life hell when I was home. Follow these four courtesy tips when renting a townhouse and you’ll make fast friends of your neighbors.

Courtesy Tips for Townhouse Renters

Courtesy Tip #1 for Townhouse Renters: Keep the Noise Down

The same rules that applied to apartment living will serve you well when renting a townhouse. Imagine having enough room in your newly rented townhouse for a drum set. Then imagine how angry your neighbors are going to be when you start practicing at midnight during the work week. Keep the noise down whenever possible, most townhouses don’t have adequate insulation and the less your neighbors hear of you, the better.

Thinking of having a party to celebrate your new digs? An easy way to not annoy your neighbors with the extra noise is to invite them too. Even if they decline, you are less likely to get noise complaints.

Courtesy Tip #2 for Townhouse Renters: Keep Your Backyard Tidy

If you are lucky enough to have a back patio or tiny yard in your townhouse, rejoice! Just don’t forget to keep up any landscaping that is already existing and never use the patio as a personal trash bin. Remember that yard upkeep is your responsibility, not your landlord’s. Nothing is worse than living next to a tenant whose backyard looks and smells like a pigpen.

Courtesy Tip #3 for Townhouse Renters: Mind Your Pets

One perk with renting a townhouse is that you may be allowed to have pets, particularly dogs. Circling back to keeping your backyard clean, be sure to pick up any pet waste promptly so your neighbors don’t have to smell it. Also, if there is a green belt or grassy area in your townhouse complex, be sure to pick up after your pet when walking around there too. Those of us who have lived in a townhouse for awhile have the utmost respect for common areas and we want them kept clean.

Courtesy Tip #4 for Townhouse Renters: Learn the Parking Rules

In most townhouse complexes, parking is assigned. Most owners and tenants won’t mind if you park in their spot briefly to unload your belongings while moving in. However, always park in your assigned spot if possible. If there is visitor parking then make sure all your guests know where it is.

Nothing is more annoying to townhouse owners than having to park in guest parking because someone has taken their spot. Also, in some complexes owners are allowed to call a towing service to remove vehicles that are parked improperly. Learn the rules early on!

Following these courtesy tips will help you build a better relationship with your neighbors, which can increase the enjoyment of living in a townhouse.

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