How to Ease Moving Day Stress with Pets

If you planning your next move and you also have pets, there are a few things that you can do to help make your moving day a little bit less stressful. Determining the length of the move is very important. If you merely plan to move across town, you won’t have to make as many preparations as those moving across the country. Also you will need to decide whether or not you will want a moving truck rental or to hire a professional moving company.

No matter what decisions you make, one thing that is certain is that your pets will need to be out of the general area the moving will take place. One way to do that is to clear out a room (preferably with windows for light and ventilation) and place your pets’ favorite toys, food and water in it. This will give your pet a place to be that doesn’t have all the commotion of people constantly walking in and out. Make sure you let everyone who is helping you move (or your moving company) know that this room is off limits, so that they aren’t accidentally opening the door and stressing out your pets. This may be the best option for those moving a large distance away.

Another option is to find a local vet in the area. Usually vets offer services such as daycare services for pets at pretty reasonable prices. If you pet is update on all of their shots and generally well-behaved, this might be a good alternative for you, especially if you are just moving across town. You will not have to worry about someone accidentally letting your pets outside and having to worry about them running away.

If you are planning on using auto transport for your pet, make sure you have a large enough crate for them to have access to food and water. Also they need breaks every couple hours to be allowed out of the crate in order to walk around and get some fresh air. Make sure to never let your pets’ just sit alone in a car on a warm day. Cracking the windows doesn’t let in enough cooler air, and it could prove fatal for your pets.

Whatever form of transportation you choose for yourself moving, is probably best for your pets. That way they are never more than a few hours, at most, away from seeing their loving owners. If you choose to fly, most airlines allow pets-although not in the cabin with you, try to pick a nonstop flight, so it limits the amount of stress on your pet due to handling and differences in air pressure. If you choose to travel my moving truck/car, make sure you have a lease and tags(with your new address and cell phone number-if possible on it) on your pets at all times-even cats. With the stress of traveling you don’t want your pet to be so freaked out that they run away when you stop for a rest break.

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