Moving Day: What to Pack to Survive the First Night a New House

You signed a new lease for an apartment or have bought a house. You packed your belongings. You rented a truck or enlisted friends with big trucks to help you move. But have you got an “Open First” box?

If not, you need one.

The “Open First” box will help make your move to a new home easier. By focusing on a few important items, you can make the transition less stressful.

What should an Open First box look like?

When preparing for your move, choose a box that you can easily carry yourself. Label it “Open First” with bright colored markers or packing tape.

What should an Open First box contain?

2 rolls of toilet paper, for starters. You do not want to get to your new house or apartment only to discover that you packed the toilet paper in the bottom of the box in the far back part of the moving truck!

Coffee pot and accessories. If you or your partner are coffee drinkers, pack the necessities in your Open First box! You can even plug it in while you carry in more boxes so that you have hot coffee waiting for you!

Medicines. Any prescription medicine that you take daily (insulin, acid reflux pills, cholesterol medicine, and so on). Also include over the counter drugs that you may need while moving. Examples include ibuprofen and anti-diarrhea pills.

Can opener. Yes, I am serious. We moved into our new house in winter the day before a major snow storm. I hurried into the local Kroger to get some food for the next couple days for us. Upon returning home and trying to cook green beans for dinner, I discovered we had left the can opener at our old house. So either pack a can opener or only buy food with pull-top lids!

Snacks. Moving is such hard work. Prepare yourself and pack some of your favorite treats in your box.

Include chargers for your electronic equipment. Cell phones, notebook computers, etc.

Light bulbs. Hopefully your new home will have functioning light bulbs. But if not you may need to replace some bulbs. Along the same lines, a small flashlight or nightlight may prove handy for finding your way to the bedroom in the dark night.

If you have room, add a portable DVD player and a favorite movie along with a comfy blanket. This can make for a great way to unwind after a hard day of moving into your new house!

When to open the Open First box?

First, of course! In all reality, you’ll want to carry the box directly from your car (yes, car. Do not allow it to go on the big moving truck!) into the house and set it on a kitchen counter. Plug in the coffee pot if you so desire. Then leave the box alone. If you open it now, the items may get put away by well-meaning friends. Leave it in a visible location until the truck is fully unloaded, or you are finished moving for the day….whichever comes first. Then, when you are ready to settle in for the night, crack that box open!

Best of luck in your moving adventure!

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