Home Buying: What You Need to Know About Termite Inspections

Termite inspections are sometimes required as a condition for obtaining a home loan. The reason being termites can cause tremendous damage to the wood frame of a house and have the capacity to destroy a house. A termite inspection can be performed relatively quickly by a pest specialist. Exterminators are adept at identifying the markings and damage of termites which may include any of the following:

  • Termite trails: Dirt like lines appearing on the side of the house. Usually termite trails start at the base of walls and proceed upward from there.
  • Termite damage: Termites cause a specific type of damage to wood that is identifiable as having been caused by termites.
  • Termites: The physical presence of termites may accompany the above two warning signs.

If any of the above factors are notice by a termite inspector he will present the mortgage lender and/or whoever has requested the inspection to perform the required extermination and/or preventative measures. Such measures may involve the drilling of holes into the ground and the injecting of insecticide into the holes.

Often a termite warranty can be offered alongside termite treatment. This warranty not only insures the condition of the home but assures the mortgage lender their investment collateral will not crumble. The termite warranty is typically renewed once a year and accompanied by a visual inspection by a termite specialist and/or exterminator.

Termite inspections and warranty renewals generally cost under $100.00. However, if termite trails and/or evidence of termites is located on a property, the treatment may cost closer to $500.00.

Termites are not something that should generally be dealt with by amateurs. The treatment required to eliminate and prevent future termite infestations is professionally applied and requires special chemicals and tools. Not only are the chemicals potentially toxic, they must be consistently applied around the perimeter of a house.

Since the termite inspection becomes a pre-requisite to a possible home purchase, it is often mandated that such inspections be performed by certified termite inspectors. Not only do termite inspections give the potential homeowner peace of mind, but also the mortgage company and future tenants of the home.

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