The Benefits of Owning a Patio Home

Patio homes have been around for more than a decade, and they are just as popular as ever. It is called a patio home because the yard is typically small, and it includes a back patio for enjoying the outdoors in a private setting. It is similar to apartment living but without the disadvantages of renting. The benefits of owning a patio home are numerous, and it is something to seriously consider, especially for those that want to own a beautiful newer home with a small yard that requires very little work.

Monthly Snow Removal and Front Lawn Care

I have been seriously considering the benefits of owning a patio home. I do not enjoy mowing and shoveling snow. A monthly HOA fee is usually required, but it often includes snow removal and front lawn care. The fees vary depending upon the location, but it is $68 a month in the area I am considering. The maintenance fee is not high when I think back on how much I have paid over the months for lawn care at my rental house. Renting a house did not have any benefits. It has been more aggravating than anything, but owning a patio home would offer many more pros than cons.

The Benefits of Owning a House Rather than Renting

After renting a house for three years and with absolutely no benefits, owning a patio home would be a huge improvement in many more ways. Owning a patio home would cost less than renting, even with a USDA or FHA loan with no money down. Since the yards are small I would get more for my money. I have missed painting walls and being able to choose my own amenities. While renting I had to live with someone else’s outdated mess.

A Beautiful House at an Affordable Price

I have been searching for a house for months, and I have found that one of the greatest benefits of owning a patio home is the price. They are typically less expensive than other types of homes on the market, and they are far more stylish. The patio home that I am considering has beautiful columns in the living room entryway, skylights, cathedral ceilings, real wood floors and a spacious whirlpool tub.

A Small Backyard that Requires Little Care

Another one of the benefits of owning a patio home is the size of the yard. As previously mentioned, the yard is usually small, but it does not have to lack beauty. The yards are also fenced in and private. It would provide enough play space for my small dog and my daughter, and I would not have to spend hours mowing and caring for an over sized yard that I really did not want in the first place. A patio home combines the benefits of ownership with affordable community maintenance, and it might become my house of choice.

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