Is It Possible to Sell a House without the Help of a Real Estate Agent?

Selling a house is sometimes difficult and takes a longer time. You require the help of a property or real estate agent to sell it. If you want to sell your house without a real estate agent, it is possible to do. You don’t need to pay the fee after the house sales. Of course, it looks so interesting because some people prefer selling properties without the help of a real estate agent. It is saving your money. The broker fee is around 1 to 3 % of the selling price. It asks you to pay a broker a lot of money. You can do some things for selling your house without an estate agent.

Reasons for Selling a House without a Realtor 

Home prices always increase. The owner wonders why it is reasonable to sell a house without a real estate agent. Selling your home without a realtor is possible to do. There will be some ways you sell your house alone.

1. Prevent High Selling Commission

When you use a realtor or a real estate agent to help you sell your house, you need to pay the commission. As we know, the broker commission is relatively high. You need to pay minimally 1% of your home selling price. Of course, it saves your money and selling commission. Selling a home without a realtor requires hard work and much time. You can hardly conduct it.

You can also save your money. For most people doing FSBO, saving money is a wise thing to do because you don’t need to pay any commission. A real estate commission is usually a percentage of a home selling price. For example, if a house is sold for $300.000 and a selling commission is 6%. The seller pays a selling commission of a real estate agent for $18.000. The commission is divided into a buyer and seller agent. Of course, if you sell your house without a real estate agent, you can still agree to collaborate with the agent. The agent will be ready to bring a ready buyer. He will be happy to receive a selling commission for $9.000.

2. Much Control

Selling your house without a realtor also makes you handle much control over transactions. You can have bigger power and control over all selling processes starting from the registration process and the last day for escrow. For example, you will get control of the listing price by identifying new sales online or renting the evaluators to help you to determine a fair market property. As a comparison, a real estate agent enables you to give a friendly price competitively so that the agent receives a faster selling commission. You also have a bigger control when the transactions are scheduled to hold an open house. If you have a rental property, the meeting can disturb rentals. Of course, it causes a rental decline.

3. Privacy Increase

In one working day after selling property to the public, you can learn the clear collaboration property. It makes a listing broker submit the listing to multiple listing services. After the property appears on MLS, anyone can access it. The people can learn all the things to know about your house. In some cases, letting people know about your house can be a good strategy to attract them to buy your house later. However, some sellers prefer selling it without any commission and with more privacy. For example, if you have a derived property, you tend to focus your marketing on a real estate investor rather than dealing with non-productive questions from people or calls from real estate agents.

Tips to Sell a House without Real Estate Agents 

If you want to sell your house without a real estate agent, you can follow the tricks. What are they?

Determine the Right Price for Your House or Property 

To make you sell it successfully, you need to compare a property price in your living place. You can compare it to your home specifications. You have to check the price in detail though you don’t need to go to a home identical to your own. You find similar ones related to structures, buildings, and sizes to get a realistic price. You don’t think you can beat a market price except you have significant things making you proud of your house. If you plan selling a house without a realtor at a higher price, it will get difficult to find buyers. You have to determine the right price for selling your property.

Selling a house without a real estate agent is possibly conducted. Determining the correct market price of your house is the key step in selling without an agent. The higher price determination can cause your listing not to work in a market for months. There will be some ways to make a deal with the price of a property and house. An evaluation message from a licensed real estate can be conducted. A home evaluation is usually $300 and $425 for a single-family house. The search page of an evaluator can ask a marketing representative in your local company for references. You can conduct two professional ways to attract a selling company and put it together. You can ask a real estate agent to analyze a comparative market. It is famous for CMA. Most real estate agents want to attract a selling company and use it to estimate a home price. You can use an online tool to check a comparison of the new selling price and active price. A great source is tracking property lists and surveying the selling trend. Make sure that you consider some factors such as the number of rooms, property condition, size, and width.

Prepare Your Home and Property 

The buyers seeking a living place are generally more subjective than investors caring to run numbers. If you sell your house to the owner-buyer, you must be ready to renovate it if you require it. You can repaint every room to match the current decoration and color. You can tidy up by moving furniture and extra boxes to the storage outside of the location. You can clean and remove a home odor professionally. If you sell your house as a rental property, the preparation is less different. As an investor will expect a house in better condition. However, they will get interested in understanding ROI potentials. You can take your free time and collect the buyer’s folder with the important documents of the selling and buying agreement. It becomes the way how to sell your home without a realtor. If you use a financial software system freely, you can print the previous financial report.

Market Your Selling House

If you have conducted those things correctly, it is time to market your house. You can set a sign of Sold in front of your house and employ someone to design a selling pamphlet. It can be printed and sent through email. You can also prepare a web property site using a website maker. The majority of buyers use online sources when they are shopping for a house. It means that it is essential to market your house online. Some best home property sites are available to register your houses such as Trulia, Zillow, FSBO, and Redfin. You can sell your house online in the marketplace. The sellers only pay a selling commission of 3% or $2.500. You can register your house as a single property or family to sell.

Prepare an Interesting Home Look

After you determine the right price for your property, you need to make your home as interesting as you can for buyers. It is helpful to attract the buyers’ interest though you don’t use the help of the real estate agents. The simple way to do this is to prepare your house to be ready to use. For example, you eliminate the old look of your house with a new paint color. You can change your home wall paint and clean every room corner to make it look more attractive.

Plan to Sell in a Trusted Home Selling Buying Site 

After you make a ready-to-use house, you prepare some marketing strategies to sell it. You need to let the people know you want to sell your house. You can benefit from some platforms and social media to sell your house. It is the right way how to sell your house without a realtor. You also need to set a notification board in front of your house. In addition, you can benefit from an online property portal providing selling property information details. Make sure that it has an effective and efficient property search. You can advertise your house and property freely on the website or platform by uploading photos with description detail. It helps you to make the buyers understand your property based on their needs.

Learn from Buyers coming to Your House

After you market your house, you must prepare yourself to greet your home buyers to-be. You need to show off yourself as a friendly, polite, and experienced seller. As a beginner in selling a house without a realtor, you require time before reaching the success and agreement. It is better to learn from mistakes when you are dealing with previous buyers. Apply new and better strategies when you meet new buyers.

Negotiate Your Contract 

When you don’t use a real estate agent for selling your house, you must be ready for negotiating with the buyers-to-be and a buyer’s real estate agent. The agent needs to treat the people fairly and professional. You must still be aware of their actions because they are not your agent. If the buyers want to bargain a lower price for the property, you must read the details of the contract. You must be smarter to bargain back. A buying and selling agreement must include all transaction details including the money, purchase price, down payment, and contention. A closing consequence includes the date and location. You can take an agreement for selling and buying a special real estate to the current lawyers.

Manage Closings 

Every state has a special law process to handle a real estate closing. Some states require a real estate lawyer for closings. The other states use an escrow company and both combinations. After the agreement is signed, you submit a copy to the escrow agent. You usually pay the fee. The public not is sought for documents such as a mortgage, certificate, legal ownership, and loan. An escrow agent reviews instructions and requirements for lenders. He gathers all legal and loan documents and prepares a closing statement. It is the right way how to sell your own home without a realtor. The seller signs a certificate and a closing statement letter. The buyers sign a new mortgage document.

F&Q Selling A House without a Real Estate Agent 

You can reveal some questions about selling real estate without an agent.

1. How much is the cost of selling a house without an agent?

A seller usually saves 2.5% depending on selling the house with the agent. However, the home price is usually lower than a common selling price with an agent. It is 5.5 to 26% lower than selling with an agent. You will lose a lot of money if you sell it alone.

2. How do you sell your house without an agent?

The best way to sell your house without a realtor is to ensure the price is correct. Then, you mention it on multiple listing services. You can manage it to look more interesting. You need the selling process without an agent in the states because the setting is varied.

3. What are the steps to selling a house without a realtor?

You can apply the ten simple ways to do it. Firstly, prepare your house. Determine the price. Write a description. List your property. Take the best photo. Manage the appearance. Negotiate the price. Receive the offers.

4. Is It Easy to Sell a House without an Agent?

Though it can save you money, selling a house without an estate agent will spend your time. You must manage your advertisement and consult with the buyers. You must manage your appearance and hard work alone. It is not an easy step to do

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