Tenant Screening Services – Definition and Purposes

As a landlord, you need to know about tenant screening services. Unquestionably one of the most important procedures in the renting process is obtaining tenant screening report. If you are a novice property investor, the term “tenant screening” may be foreign to you. Start with a tenant screening report to locate the perfect renter for your rental property if you want to maintain a positive return on investment. Great tenants pay their rent on time, don’t cause problems, and are generally a match for your property.

More significantly, you might be able to avoid incurring costly property damages, evictions, or unpaid rent. Fortunately, we have more information and resources available than ever before in the modern digital environment to help us choose the best tenant.

To help you manage your rental business effectively and worry-free, we’ve detailed what tenant screening is, why it’s an excellent investment, and how to get started below:

Definition of Tenant Screening

As was already established, when we talk about tenant screening, we truly mean a variety of steps a landlord does to get a better understanding of a potential tenant before renting to them. Tenant screening is to eliminate candidates who have a greater risk of late payments, property damage, or eviction.

Depending on the approach taken by the landlord, tenant screening services may encompass some or all of the following:

  • brief interview
  • past landlord testimonials
  • Employer testimonials
  • Income documentation Background investigation
  • a credit inquiry
  • a history of evictions report

It is crucial to keep in mind that tenant screening may be subject to varied laws and rules depending on the state you reside in. To constantly follow the law as a landlord, you need to make sure you are knowledgeable about these regulations before you start the best tenant screening services process.

Reasons Landlords Need Tenant Services

Here are 5 essential reasons why landlords require thorough tenant screening services to assist them in making wise selections regarding whom they rent to.

Verify if they can pay the rent.

If a renter will pay their rent on time is one of the most important things a landlord needs to know. You don’t want to waste time and effort monitoring a tenant’s payments each month. Additionally, you don’t want to deal with the anxiety and expense of an eviction. Knowing your tenant’s financial condition upfront will help you anticipate how they’ll handle paying their monthly obligations. Background checks give you a sense of an applicant’s financial situation and their level of financial responsibility.

Protect Your other Tenants

This aspect of the background investigation can help you gain a more complete understanding of the potential tenant. You have a responsibility as a landlord to safeguard your other renters. Without conducting a background check, you run the risk of renting to someone who turns out to be harmful. A criminal background check informs you of a tenant’s prior transgressions so you can decide who is authorized to live in your rental property with confidence.

Find out more about their personality

There are other approaches than a credit check and criminal background check to find out more about the character of your prospective tenant.

Keep Your Turnover Rate Low

To prevent evictions as much as possible, landlords need a thorough tenant screening procedure. Evicting a renter is a drawn-out, expensive, and frustrating process for all parties involved. Additionally, it causes a higher turnover rate.

Rent for Reliable Tenants

Potential tenants will understand that you are serious about selecting the tenants you rent to if you include a background check in the application process. You’re more likely to draw similarly serious applicants as a result. This may give you a good name that will benefit your property greatly. Your tenants are more likely to become respectful of your property when you are selective with the rental applications you accept. They’re more likely to maintain their home well, pay their rent on time, and take care of problems when they arise. All of this will make it easier for everyone to live on your property by assisting you in developing a more seamless and intimate relationship with your tenants.

Criminal History Check

It makes sense that landlords think this is a crucial step in the tenant screening process given that the FBI estimates that 29.4% of individuals have a criminal record. Although certain localities, as previously indicated, have taken a position against utilizing this as part of the rental criterion, landlords still frequently use it as a screening factor.

Although the need for the best background check for landlords may seem obvious, it’s crucial to gain a thorough understanding of the tenant’s past. A criminal background check consults several databases, including the ones listed below:

  • Administration for Homeland Security and Drug Enforcement
  • FBI’s State Felony Registries of Wanted Persons
  • Registries of local sex offenders

A criminal history check will help to keep you, your possessions, and the neighborhood where your rental is situated safely. Landlords can be overlooking various warning signs if they don’t run criminal background checks.

A credit check

The process of the best tenant screening service must include conducting a credit check because a low credit score may indicate a history of missing payments. Checking a renter’s credit might help you safeguard your investment because you don’t want to end up having to remove tenants for failing to pay rent.

Here are some solutions for people with bad credit or those who are just starting to establish their credit. For instance, you might rent to a college freshman who is most likely still building their credit. In this situation, you can ask for a co-signer so that both parties are accountable for paying the rent; nevertheless, it’s crucial that you thoroughly investigate the co-signer to look for any warning signs.

It’s advised that you obtain pay stubs or employment documentation from renters in addition to a credit check as additional proof that they can afford the rent each month. Someone can have excellent credit yet not be employed, so obtaining pay stubs is another way to validate.

Additional Techniques for Screening Tenants

There are the best tenant screening service techniques you can employ in addition to the processes listed above for gathering the hard data and information about your potential tenant. Here are a few instances:

  • Interviews on social media
  • recommendations from prior landlords
  • Workplace validation

Knowing your potential tenant will help you select the best applicant for your property and set the tone for communication from the beginning.

What details do I want from prospective tenants?

The precise information you require will depend on the type of searches you’re conducting and what the source organizations require, but a strong online rental application will put you in the driver’s seat by incorporating the necessary information. Although you won’t require all of the following details to conduct a screening, if at all feasible, attempt to find out the following:

  • Name and contact details of the applicant
  • how many people live there and whether any little children or animals are present
  • history of income
  • data on employment
  • Location History
  • preferred day to move in
  • Lease term requested

A Social Security number and the applicant’s written consent are also required for some background checks. Do all of these items get you any support from your tenant screening service?

How to Start Renter Screening

In the past, tenant verification service was a challenging process that forced many landlords to rely on their instincts. Today, however, both independent landlords and property managers may easily and quickly conduct tenant screenings. The screening procedure is quick and easy with TurboTenant:


  • The candidate submits our online rental application and pays the required application cost for us to do the background check on them.
  • Review their application, then ask for a screening report.
  • The applicant responds to various security-related identity verification questions from TransUnion.
  • You receive a notification via email and can access the screening report right away.
  • Additionally, we implore landlords to conduct their interviews with prospective tenants, check their references, and confirm their employment.

The lesson of the story is to always conduct thorough tenant screening. Even if you have excellent judgment, it may not always be feasible to fully understand a renter without a little assistance from the best tenant screening for landlords tool. A tenant is less likely to think they can con you if they are aware that you would be looking into their credit and background. You will be given the details you need to decide whether or not they will make a trustworthy tenant for those who still opt to go through the tenant screening for landlords procedure.

Landlord Perspective on Credit Check

What to expect from a landlord credit check? Your credit history could significantly influence your next apartment hunt because many landlords run credit checks on tenant screening services for landlords.

The best credit check for landlords procedure could be confusing to prospective tenants. Here are some tips for finding housing as well as an insider’s look at what landlords look at when they check your credit.

Knowing your credit

If you’re concerned about what a prospective landlord or property management might discover on your credit report, there is a quick fix: First, look. Each of the three main credit bureaus must provide you with a free annual credit report. These will often contain all of the credit data the landlord will see.

You do not influence how a landlord or property manager will interpret a credit report, but if you are aware of what it contains, you will be better equipped to respond to inquiries and provide context if necessary, which may make it simpler for you to get housing.

How property managers and landlords examine credit

Numerous things can be seen as a credit check. It can involve anything from examining pages of account histories to determining whether a tenant satisfies a landlord’s internal requirements. There isn’t a single score that gets you in. Apartments may have different credit score requirements, and it is occasionally possible to rent without any credit history.

FAQs about Tenant Screening Services

Do I need to check my tenants out?

No, tenant screening is not required, but it is strongly advised to protect your real estate investment and guarantee you have a reliable renter who will pay rent on time and suit the property.

Is it legal to screen tenants?

Yes, tenant screening is lawful. However, different jurisdictions may have particular rules about costs and what constitutes discrimination, so it’s important to carefully verify your local and state legislation.

What is the price of a tenant screening report?

A tenant screening report from best tenant background check services may cost $56. Recall that when a tenant applies for your property, they typically pay the screening cost. Visit this page for further information about the best tenant background check.

How should a tenant screening report be read?

Some best tenant screening services offer a comprehensive guide on how to read a screening report if you’re new to screening tenants so you can learn what to look for and spot any potential red flags. You need to read more tenant screening services reviews to find one of the best tenant screening to choose from.

Which tenant screening service is best for landlords?

Let’s talk briefly about the qualities you should look for in a reputable tenant screening service before we discuss the best tenant screening services for landlords.

The top tenant screening companies are:

Provide every one of the aforementioned screening features

Completely integrate with digital leasing features

allow you to digitally store renter and applicant information

These are the fundamentals that you should receive from any top-notch tenant screening service, however, there are other things to look for, such as other property management features.

How to pick a tool for tenant screening?

Following our discussion of some of the top tenant screening resources, let’s move on to how to pick a tenant screening company.

First, keep in mind what we previously discussed.

You should examine the following with any tenant screening service you are considering:

  • Historical credit data
  • bankruptcies and evictions

It ought to also:

Integrate fully with a full digital leasing system and enable you to digitally store applications and tenant information.

Beyond that, focus on security, dependability, and simplicity.

Now, you can choose the best tenant screening services that you need.

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