10 Staging Don’ts when Selling a Home

Staging, Staging, Staging, is all you hear about if you watch TV shows dedicated to selling a home. Is staging really necessary? Realtors and agents alike swear by it. What is staging anyway? Staging is when you present a home in its most positive light to potential home-buyers by creating an atmosphere that they could see themselves being incorporated into. Staging is not as easily done as you think, so hear are some don’ts, mistakes you don’t want to make when staging your home for buyers.

10 Staging Don’ts when Selling a Home

Staging Mistake #1 to Avoid

No theme oriented rooms allowed. You may love sailboats or your kids may have a favorite cartoon character, but don’t over do it during selling time. You potential buyer may not appreciate your taste or choice in hobbies, it may make it hard for them to see the room used for anything else.

Staging Mistake #2 to Avoid

Recognize that you want your home to be appealing to many types of people, so you can receive some good offers. Bright red or blue walls may have served your family well, but you may want to invest in a few cans of paint to tone down the walls and ceilings to more neutral colors.

Staging Mistake #3 to Avoid

Make sure your place is clean. Your buyers may have discriminating eyes, a fresh pair of eyes will see what you have overlooked on a day to day basis. Have your home as clean as a whistle not neglecting areas such as ceiling fan blades, blinds, baseboards,etc.

Staging Mistake #4 to Avoid

Don’t neglect curb appeal, how your home appears to people on the outside. Just like when we meet people for the first time, your home only gets one chance to make a first impression. Make sure the yard is clean, the grass is cut, shrubs trimmed, gutters intact, all those things will be noticed.

Staging Mistake #5 to Avoid

Don’t over-scent your home. Your potential buyer may be allergic to fresh flower scents. It is not necessary for your home to smell like a cherry orchard either, something light, fresh and clean will do it.

Staging Mistake #6 to Avoid

Don’t leave behind DIY projects for your potential home-buyer. If you start it, finish it. If you don’t they will definitely try to rationalize a lower offer because they have to finish what you started.

Staging Mistake #7 to Avoid

Don’t use your closets as storage areas during showings. It will best to rent a storage building if all possible. You want the buyers to see the potential of the space, they will open closets and pantries, those full to capacity are not appealing.

Staging Mistake #8 to Avoid

Have all pets properly restrained during home showings. Your cat or dog may not be an attractive selling point to your buyer, they may assume the home is not in tip top condition because a pet lives inside. Everyone does not have the same revere for animals.

Staging Mistake #9 to Avoid

Don’t leave private, personal items insight during a showing. Bills, dirty clothing, and private items should not be visible during a homes showing.

Staging Mistake #10 to Avoid

Be sure to use rooms for what they were intended for. Bedrooms should be bedrooms, patios should be staged as outdoor relaxing areas. Show everything used at its best for its purpose.

Remember staging is done so that a potential buyer can see themselves in that space.

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