Landscaping to Sell Your Home

The first impression is the street view of the home. Landscaping drives first impressions makeing the home marketable. There are other impressions that one must take with a grain of salt. Ensure there are no ordinance update issues and the rest is three simple ideas: does it look low maintenance, can the buyer picture living here and does the exterior convey security.

Issue of local Ordinances

Discuss with realtor about residential ordinances. Please, don’t take for granted that landscaping features that existed prior to ownership is grandfathered clause. Have a professional landscaper out for assessment, either free estimates or paid referral service. Landscapers can inform on recent purchased homes ordnance work or trends buyers prefer. Assessments don’t require contracting service, use to review options and costs. Some locations provide buyers the rights of required landscaping alteration. Affecting you with costs after the sale and without ability to hedge the selling price. Disclosure before sale can curb costs, if applicable. Residential ordinance that impact costly landscaping, examples:

1.) Change of easement access requirements, reason first responders to freely move between properties in the event of a house fire. Access without barriers of fences, landscape ponds or driveways placement.

2.) Change to support wall constructions requirements. Older landscaping retaining walls with antiquated foundations to prevent landslides that damage municipal or private property and includes earthen garden walls along hills or terraces.

Top Three Landscaping Selling Point

The Property Looks Low Maintenance:

  • Clear and remove dead vegetation, weeds and unsightly yard waste. Trim shrubs and dead limbs.
  • Check for drainage on down spouts before starting on lawn and flowerbeds. This prevents runoff wash.
  • Bare-spots and moss dig out and improve with well draining soil before seed or sod the trouble spots.
  • Protect yard work, use scent deterrents for dogs and cats, hot pepper wax for rabbits and squirrels.

The Buyer Envisions Living Here:

  • Clean and arrange patio, deck or grill areas accessible for homebuyers to envision their leisure use.
  • Keep decorations and ornaments neutral and sparse allow buyer to envision their decor tastes here.
  • Keep borders simple a signature plant with bed of filler flowers and allows room for buyer personalization.

The Property Looks Safe:

  • Holly or thorn bushes at ground accessible windows to house deters break-ins a preferred safety feature.
  • Quick repair root damage walkways smoothing with quick cement and cover of tinted concrete sealant.
  • Add accent solar lights to walkways this conveys the house is safe to come home to at night.
  • Extreme issue extending to neighbors lack of landscaping, organizing a volunteer neighborhood clean up through local municipal. It involves coordinating, recruit volunteers and getting dirty. The reward faster sale, nothing impresses the buyer more than a neighborhood that looks well maintained, safe and appealing!
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