What is UltraFICO Score And Why Should You Care?

Most people know about the FICO score, not the Ultrafico score. The FICO score is a three-digit number reflective of your credit reports, and lenders use this score to issue loans. An Ultra fico score is a different model created to enhance your existing FICO score.

According to Nerdwallet, the Ultra fico score is based on information from money markets, savings, or checking accounts. The Ultra fico scoring system is designed for people with bad credit because the FICO score might be biased toward people with a thin credit history; therefore, some lenders consider the Ultrafico credit score.

The Working of Ultrafico Score System

The Ultra fico score works through evaluating your banking information and behavior. According to Forbes, When Ultrafico is connected to the account of your choice, it will check for the following elements:

  • Positive balances history.
  • The Age of your account.
  • Frequency of your bank transactions.
  • The amount of cash at hand you have.

Who Needs an Ultrafico Score?

Generally, any individual can benefit from the Ultrafico Score; but the individuals who need an Ultra fico boost are the ones who have issues with their FICO credit scores. Either they have a bad credit score, or they lack sufficient credit history that can be used to create a FICO score. Different Ultrafico reviews suggest that this product diligently replaces the FICO credit score when circumstances are against a consumer.

Fico.com argue that over 15 million consumers are eligible for an Ultra fico score even if they lack a good credit history that can be utilized to create a FICO score. Additionally, anyone who has maintained a positive balance in their accounts and had consistent cash on hand in the recent months is eligible for an Ultrafico score higher than the conventional FICO score.


  • You have complete control over the collection of personal information (It’s an opt-in credit model).
  • Promotes excellent financial habits.
  • Young customers can use the Ultra fico boost to access credit.
  • Middle- and Low-class consumers can borrow using the Ultrafico credit score.


  • May promote risk lending and borrowing.
  • It is not appropriate for consumers with a FICO score of above 700.

Why You Should Care

The Ultrafico system is an innovative product that is used by various individuals who might have credit troubles. Young consumers with sufficient credit history, people with credit challenges like bankruptcy or unemployment, and low- & middle-class consumers might find this product very helpful. On the other hand, this product might also strengthen the FICO score of an individual who has an excellent credit score that is above 600.

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