Tips for Moving Plants on Moving Day

Moving day is a very busy day and you want everything to go well in the move. You want to break as few things as possible including your plants. Plants can be damaged in a move so you want to do all you can to protect them and make the move easy for them too. Plants can suffer from the change in the move just like everyone else in the move can. You need to think of everything and everyone in the move including your plants.

When you move you should take the responsibility for moving your plants safely. Don’t make the movers responsible for getting your plants to the new home safely. Instead let the movers take care of the big items like the furniture. You can move the plants yourself and be sure that they get to the new place safe and unharmed.

Two days before the move you should give all your plants a good watering so that they are moist but not wet when you move them. You don’t want to water your plants at the last minute or they will be heavy.

To move plants you should get a sturdy container like a wooden box or crate. If your plants are small you can use a plastic Rubbermaid container and place your potted plants into the Rubbermaid container. Once you have a container that will fit your plants needs you can place the plants into the container and place towels or newspaper between the potted plants so that they don’t bump against each other in the move.

If you have a lot of plants you can use more then one container to move the plants in. Keep plants of the same size in the same containers so that a large plant does not mangle a smaller plant.

Once your plants are in a container you can cover the container with some plastic that is a heavy plastic. You can use a clear plastic for the move.

Moving day is stressful on everyone involved even your plants. Take some time to move your plants yourself. Plants can get damage when moved in a large area with furniture. Plants are living things and they should be cared for in a special way when you move to a new home. Move your plants in your car when you move to make sure the plants are not harmed in all the activity of a move.

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