Real Estate: Tips for Purchasing a House

Here are some tips and guidelines to purchase a house: Ensure that the purpose and the reason you are purchasing a house

  • Is it for investment?
  • Is it because of the change of family members?
  • do you move from the location of work
  • are you bored to pay rent

By knowing the reasons, it will make you will focus on the characteristics of the house that you want to buy.

Know your needs

  • What are looking for from a house most?
  • A vast backyard?
  • Swimming pool?
  • main Bedroom on the ground floor
  • Garage for 5 cars? And so forth
  • Knowing the desire is easier than knowing the needs

if you follow your desire, perhaps you may need to compromise with the price.

Search information

Especially for the first time to purchase a new house. Such as:

  • the sale and purchase process
  • sources of financing
  • choosing the notary
  • public facilities that are provided
  • environmental costs and so forth.

Measure your purchasing power

If your saving is still not enough to purchase a house, at this time there are many institutions that are ready to assist you. It is better for you to calculate the total of your all installments (including credit cards and car loans) they are not more than 30% of revenue. Credit Installment does not need to change your lifestyle to be concerned.

Search for home

You can find it in a brochure that is sent to your home, sign, trees, electricity pole and others. But when you find a house with the owner that is serious to sell the house you can find on the internet easily like what you are looking for. Price, location, facilities, architecture model (from the photos home), land, number of rooms and so forth.

Negotiate The Price

There are many things that can be negotiated in the sale and purchase process , such as the evacuation, acquaintance scheme, goods, guarantee of the quality of buildings and so forth.

Inspect to the location

  • Take your time and your family to check the location
  • Check the condition of the building and the environment
  • at day, night, working days and holidays
  • is it crowded in your surrounding on a particular time or regular time?


Congratulations, you have a searched house. To ensure your rights on the properties of your new purchase, consult with a Notary near with you. Or use the bank notary. He is paid with your money not a money bank. You have the right to get the information that you want.

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