Facts About Realtors and Their Way of Dealing

Realtors, no doubt, are essential to locate the properties that are available for sale or for buy. They act as a bridge between the buyer and seller. Most of the times they act more in favor of the sellers as the amount by way of commission is more from a seller than a buyer. Even in this bad real estate, you have to be careful in your dealing with a realtor and choose the one with an impeccable track record and credential. The following hard facts about realtors are to be kept in mind while conducting any transaction in a real estate market.

7 Facts About Realtors and Their Way of Dealing

1 – Their advice on any property cannot be taken at face value. You have to research the market thoroughly on the veracity of the advice proffered by any realtor before taking a decision.

2 – Realtors generally favor the sellers as they receive more compensation from them. In their anxiety to sell the property, they inflate the actual value of the home and pressurize the buyer to take a hasty decision. Never act in haste and take your time to arrive at a decision and enquire in the market with other realtors. This may give away the true picture.

3 – Realtors always advice customers to go for new homes to save on the rent they are already paying. However, you must be careful in your analysis and weigh the pros and cons of an own home and a rented home. If the rental amount is almost equal or just slightly lesser than the mortgage monthly payment, you can go for a new home.

4 – Sometimes they claim falsely that the rates have fallen sufficiently and are likely to move forward immediately to force you to take a decision. There is no doubt the market has fallen, but you are in a buyer’s market where the demand is less than the supply of homes. You can be selective with sufficient thought given and most likely to pick up a home of your choice with all facilities. You need not rush into things as of now and you can take time on your choice and decision.

5 – Realtors also claim that some other buyers are also interested in the market which may not necessarily be true. By proper verification and thoughtful planning, you can ignore such pressure tactics as you have many choices before you.

6 – You should never trust the words of realtors who communicate orally and refuse to give it in writing. Always ask your realtor to write down all the conditions on paper so that you can take them to task if they violate any condition.

7 – If the seller is the realtor himself, then more care is required in dealing with that transaction. If he discloses his interest before the negotiations begin, then you can trust on his intentions.

This is not to say that all the realtors are bad, but you have to take precautions and observe these simple things just to ensure that you are dealing with a competent realtor.

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