Guide to Decide Where Should I Live

When you grow bored with the neighborhood you’re in right now, the question of “where should I live?” pops up instantly in your head. This question often haunts people who wanted a fresh start, people who just start their family and wanted to be somewhere nice. Otherwise, it’s a common question everyone has to answer. The area that you live in might take a big part in how you shaped your future. This is why deciding on new places to live is not an easy task. You might have a knack for exploring new places. We’re here to help you make a good decision on choosing the right places with this guide.

There are plenty of reasons why you wanted to move out. Whether it was a career change, job transfer, starting a family, or you just wanted a scenery change and love to explore new places. Before you decide where to live, you might want to consider these factors.

1) Cost of Living

To live, you need to pay for your daily activity. Whether it’s monthly groceries, public transportation, or other social activities. The cost of living may vary according to the part of the country you live in. You also need to pay attention to the tax amount you need to pay. You might want to compare the average living cost in a city with the national living cost average. The most affordable city to live in in terms of living costs are:

  • Fort Wayne, Indiana

With a population of 409,419, Fort Wayne’s cost of living rate is 13.7% lower than the national average. Fort Wayne also offers the most dazzling city scenery. It is also known for its annual festivals and events. Fort Wayne is the perfect place to move to if you’re looking for a family-friendly area.

  • Tulsa, Oklahoma

If you’re thinking “Where should I move to?” then maybe, Tulsa, Oklahoma is the right choice for you. Tulsa is home to the energy industry with over 996,141 people. Despite that, the living cost in Tulsa, Oklahoma is still 13.8% lower than the U.S. average.

  • Waterloo, Iowa

Waterloo, Iowa is a city with a big manufacturing and agriculture sector. It is a typical midwestern country with a population of 169,107. The living cost in Waterloo, Iowa is 13.8% lower than the U.S. average.

  • Topeka, Kansas

Topeka, Kansas is a prosperous city with a population of 232,248. The living cost in Topeka, Kansas is 14.7% lower than the U.S. Average. The employment rate in this city is pretty high. It has various sectors to work in.

  • Augusta, Georgia

Augusta is a regional hub for medicine and biotechnology. If you are trying to find your perfect place to live, then Augusta, Georgia might be your answer. It has a lot of career choices, with a population of 605,303. The living cost is 16.4% below the U.S. average.

2) Housing Budget

The next important factor in choosing where to move is the housing budget. You need to allocate a budget for a place to stay in the new place. Whether you want to buy or rent you need to make sure that you already surveyed the housing market in advance of your moving process. The housing budget is also one of the things that can affect your living cost in the new place. You also need to make sure of the accessibility of your new home.

Since the global pandemic strikes real estate has been deeply affected. People who wish to move must survey the market thoroughly. For first-time homebuyers, you might be asking where to buy a house, here are some cities with the best market that you can consider:

  • Pittsburgh, Philadelphia – Even though the average house prices in Pittsburgh have gone up by 6.4% than 2021, $250,000 for a single-family house is still a good deal. On the other hand, condos/co-houses have an average price of $241,500.
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota – In July 2022, the average price for a single-family house in Minnesota is predicted at $355,000. Meanwhile, condos/co-houses are experiencing a 7.8% price fall compared to 2021. As of July 2022, condos/co-houses in Minneapolis are sold with an average price of $220,000
  • Cincinnati, Ohio – The average single-family house in Cincinnati, Ohio is $258,000. Even though it is 8.9% higher than in 2021, it is still an affordable price. Meanwhile, the price for condos/co-house in Cincinnati, Ohio is predicted around $210,000.
  • Kansas City, Missouri – In Kansas City, Missouri the median sale price for a single-family house is around $285,000 while the median price for condos/co-houses falls around $206,000.
  • Buffalo, New York – Median sale prices in Buffalo only rose 0.2% compared to 2021. In July 2022, the average price for a single-family house is $242,500, while condos/co-houses are only $165,000

Even though all the city listed is a seller’s market, it is far easier for a first-time homebuyer. There are more house types to choose from. First-time homebuyers can also compare the prices with other properties in the area. Buyers also have full control over how to find the right house.

3) Job Opportunities

When you move because you want a career change, make sure you already survey beforehand. If there are specific sectors that you want to work in. Namely agricultural, engineering, or even tech industries. You also need to make sure that the job can help you provide for your living cost in the new places as it is an important aspect. The job opportunities in the new place will also allow you to grow as an individual.

Another thing you also need to survey regarding the job opportunities is the working culture. Each place has unique aspects that correlate to its working culture. For example, the working culture in Japan is very strict with many additional unpaid hours. You might find this similar to the working culture in New York where hustling is a lifestyle. You need to make sure whether this working culture suits you. Surely you can adapt to a totally different working environment, but it is far easier to adjust to the ones you feel familiar with. So, find your perfect place to live.

Or maybe you’re seeking remote work. Then that’s a great choice. You can earn money from the comfort of your house and minimize the living cost for transportation and other mandatory social events. You also have more time to start a side job. You just need to make sure that the company you’re working in allows you to move away from the city. Sometimes there are companies that require you to come by the office once in a while for a project check-up. Another thing to verify with your company is tax rules. If you live in a different place, the company might only operate on their city/county rules. Therefore it will hold you back because there are rules that don’t align with each other. It might also result in your unemployment.

4) Education Systems

Oftentimes when you are starting a new family, you might want to give the best for your family. One of the important aspects of how to find the best place to live is to make sure there are sufficient schools or universities. Education is human’s first foundation and therefore cities with a good education system are wanted by so many new families. You could start by browsing about the state schools, or if you prefer a private school then you can look it up. You might also want to find out about home-school if there’s a special case.

A good education system is also a good indicator of population employment. Cities with a good education system are more likely to create high-quality employees that can compete in the working environment. A good education system is one where anyone isn’t limited to learning exact sciences, but one that allows the student to tap on their creativity.

If you are a new parent, then a good education system must be at the top of your list before deciding where to move. It is necessary to give the best education to children and have a safe education environment. You can also visit the school to get a much clearer picture of the school. You can also meet the administration, teachers, and parents to reach this goal. Other than that, you need to make sure that school isn’t limited to classroom activities only.

5) Public Transportation

Accessibility is important. Especially if you are working a 9-to-5 job. You can find forums about city public transportation. Find one that can cut your commuting time, but doesn’t cost you a lot of money. Even better if there are subscription programs that allow you to use public transportation at any time without fear of not having enough balance. Public transportation may vary, from buses to trains or subways. It is also important to memorize the route when you move.

Public transportation also affects other factors like where to buy a house. You might want to buy or rent a place that is located near public transportation. A 5 to 10 minutes walk is okay. Not too far because you will end up wasting your time commuting, but also not too close because it can be quite annoying.

6) Healthcare Systems

A good healthcare system is insurance. When you ask yourself, where should I move to, make sure you know that the answers have a good healthcare system. You might start looking up hospitals and funeral houses for safekeeping. You also want to make sure that the company you’re working for will support healthcare insurance in your new place. You could also find out about the healthcare system administrations. Or small things like how long you can dispatch an ambulance in case of an emergency or which hospitals have the highest wait time in the ER. You might also want to find out about a specialist doctor. Namely OB/GYN or therapist. You also need to make sure that you know where the closest drugstore is.

7) Social Activities

As a human, you need social interaction. When you move out, the first thing you want to observe is social activities. Are there people who jog in the morning, how are they managing their garden, or even if there’s a community meeting in the area that you are eligible to attend? These social activities will help you build trust with your neighbor and therefore increase the number of friends in your new area. You could then talk to them to try and know about the area better. The good neighbor is an aspect that will make you comfortable living in the area.

Another social activity you might want to check out is if there are any festivals or annual events held in the city. For example, there is a Comic-Con event that’s being held in San Diego annually. This will also help you to plan a vacation. Surveying the local social activities will help you decide where to live. You could also find local communities with the same hobbies as you. If you like painting, then try to find a local artist community. This will help you to stay productive and broaden your connections.

If you are not a social person, then the right tip on how to choose where to live is to find a prosperous small city with a small population too. You could get to know your neighbor, but that is as far as you should go. A small city with a small population often offers more natural outdoor activities. Such as hiking. If you love to explore nature, then you might want to carefully pick a new place that will support your hobby.

That is all you need to know to answer your question, “Where should I live?” The answer is up to you, but be sure to consider the factors listed. Not only will it help you to survive in the new place, but it will also help you to understand the environment better and to make the best decision before moving out.

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