How the Housing Office Helps in Finding Off-base Housing in Europe

A PCS move to Europe is a great opportunity for military families who wish to travel and see more of what Europe has to offer beyond the confines of the military installation. But when you arrive in Europe, one of your first concerns will not be visiting the Eiffel Tower or Big Ben, but finding suitable off-base housing to accommodate your family’s needs. How can the housing office help you to find off-base housing in Europe?

Contact the Housing Office on Base

Before you head off into town looking for suitable accommodation, it is a good idea to stop by the housing office on base to find a complete list of approved homes that are available to rent in the local community. Do not commit yourself to private off-base housing until you have stopped by the housing office and looked at all available housing options in the local area.

How the Housing Office Helps Families

The housing office will be able to advise you on the typical rent, utilities, and other fees associated with private, off-base rental properties in the local area. You can also find out more information about local properties that are for sale, if you are considering purchasing, rather than renting. One of the benefits of allowing the housing office to assist you is that all listed properties are already pre-approved and inspected for military families to move into, which takes away a lot of the burden and stress of moving. The housing office can even help military families by scheduling appointments to view properties, if there is a language barrier, provide transportation to view properties for rent or even lend you a GPS to help you find your way there.

Local Amenities, Commute Times and More

The housing office on base does more than offer you a list of pre-approved properties and approximate commute times to work. You can also find out a lot about the local amenities. The base housing office can also let you know how far you will be from town, where to get your nails and hair done and some of the best restaurants worth visiting in the area. If you will be living in Europe for a few years, these are important factors to take into consideration.

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