How Much Does it Cost to Move a Manufactured Home?

Manufactured Homes – The cost of moving a manufactured home is looked at in this guide. The pro’s and con’s are also weighed up for you in simple detail. You have just asked the question, “how much does it cost to move a manufactured home?” There are a few things to consider when you are going to move any manufactured home from mobile park to mobile park, or park to private plot.

One such factor is distance and geography. Some times a longer distance for the haulier to travel and difficult terrain can affect the overall cost. Also you need to thing about the size of your home and if it will require two hauliers on one trip or one haulier making two trips with the home.

Lets just say for example you are moving across country from east to western United States, and at the end of the journey the haulier has to move the home up a mountain slope. Then he has to carefully load the house onto land that has a rocky obstacles.

This may need the help of some specialist equipment such as cranes, jacks, earth movers and more employees. So when planning your move you will have to make sure all these costs are factored in onto the average price. It could mean nearly doubling you haulage and setup cost.

In most cases your manufactured home can be moved quite easily by the haulier. Who will carefully use hydrolic lifting gear to lift your house onto the back of a long trailer. Depending on the size of your home this will be done in either one two or three journeys on average. For example a single wide home will usually require one journey.

You will also need to make room in your budget for your personal moving costs, such as furniture, clothing garden items you may wish to take and of course yourself.

A good case to make in relation to manufactured homes is that they are very affordable in terms of cost per unit. Depending on the size of a manufactured home and its age you can purchase one for as little as $10,000 for a reasonable quality and sized home.

A growing trend during these economically difficult times is that people all over the country are looking into buying a manufactured home. So usually you will have to be really quick if you want to seal a deal on the home that you want. People are beginning to see than as a big investment. When you factor in that in the past a lot of these homes cost around $75,000 for an average sized property on a mobile park. These can now cost as low as $35,000 in good condition. They can be seen as a big investment for the future, providing you have a good location and keep the home in a good state of repair.

People are investing in manufactured homes on mobile parks and moving them to a plot of land that they have purchased. Often this saves a lot of money when comparing it to buying a new home or having a home built on the land. The real investment comes when you decide to sell the home, as often you can double or even triple what it cost you to purchase the home and move it to your plot.

To answer the question, “how much does it cost to move a manufactured home?” The average cost of moving a home is usually around $10,000 which includes removal, setup, permits and licenses. Then the costs of any extras you need, which you can discuss with your haulier.

A good amount of information can be found in a printable pdf at This will give you more detailed guides to many aspects of moving a manufactured home.

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