Why are Some People Moving from the Suburbs?

Moving to the suburbs has always been a great way for people to save money. So many people moved to the suburbs to buy a cheaper and bigger home without thinking about the cost of gas when you live farther away from work. But lately many people are beginning to think living in the suburbs is actually costing them more money. The long commutes to work and the high gas prices have some people thinking about moving back to the city.

The idea of saving money by moving to city has become an attractive idea for some people. Many people are considering moving back to the city because they can save money at the pump, live closer to work, and have access to public transportation. Moving to the city can cut a person’s commuting time and give them the option of walking to work or riding a bike depending on their job location. Many major cities have decided to improve their public transportation systems after noticing an increase in usage.

The current real estate market has caused homes in some cities to be more affordable. Many homes in cities are smaller and this helps people to save money on their homes energy bill. Cities are beginning to build more condos and single family homes. They are also building communities that have shopping, entertainment, and homes within walking distance.

While some people are moving to the city others are choosing to stay in the suburbs. Many people believe the downside to moving to the city are living in a smaller home, the high crime rate, poor school system, and the high cost of living in the city.

Many families enjoy living in the suburbs because of the great school systems and low crime rate. Many people can’t imagine moving to the city just to save gas money. They would rather find another way to cut the cost of gas. Some people are choosing to find a job closer to the suburbs to cut gas costs. Other people are trading in their SUVs for a car with better gas mileage. And some people are choosing to work from home.

The current economy has caused people to come up with different ways to save money. Leaving the suburbs behind and moving to the city is just one of them. Maybe this new movement will cause cities to improve their neighborhoods and communities as more and more people move to cities.

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