Four Moving Day Tips: Get Your Home Organized in Less Than 24 Hours

Most people take several weeks to move into their new home and get everything organized. I on the other hand, had everything setup and in it’s place in less than 24 hours. Want to know how I did it? A large part of it is due to my OCD, my caffeine addiction and my love of dictating. When it comes to organizing and moving into a new place, I’m a true tyrant. Below are my hard-as-nails tips to get your act and your stuff together on moving days.

Moving Day tip #1: Get Up and Go

Get your stuff into that U-Haul truck the night before moving day. When all of your stuff is packed up and ready to go, all you have to do is jump out of bed, brush your teeth and go bright and early on moving day. Wake up at the crack of dawn and be on the road before 7am, even if you’re moving just a few blocks away. The earlier you get to your new place, the earlier you can unpack and organize.

Moving Day Tip #2: Put everything in its place

I absolutely hate when people just stick all the furniture in the living room while unpacking the U-Haul. Instead of being lazy, walk a few extra feet and place furniture, appliances and any other items in the rooms they belong. Place all the bedroom furniture in the bedroom, living room furniture in the living room; you get the point. Don’t take the lazy way out; put everything in its place.

Moving Day Tip #3: Don’t take Breaks

Breaks are for sissies. Why do you need a break? Are you tired, hungry, thirsty? Anything that you can do on your precious little break you can get done while you’re organizing something in your new house. Eat that sandwich while hanging clothes in the closet; drink that Mountain Dew while hauling a nightstand up the stairs. The only valid excuse for taking a break is injuring something, catching an asthma attack or taking a pee break. This is how I became the tyrant: My boyfriend got “tired” while we were moving and I wouldn’t let him take a break. Sure, he was mad but because of my tyrant ways, he was chilling on the couch sipping soda and playing Xbox the next day.

Moving Day Tip#4: Take Care of the little things

Don’t disregard the little things. The little things like small appliances, clothes, shoes, bed sheets and laptops are what create a big mess. I stayed up past 2am on my moving day, but almost every minute I was awake I was doing something productive. I folded all our clothes and put them in the dresser, hung the rest of the clothes in our closets, put our appliances where they belong and stocked the cabinets with our dinnerware and even laid area rugs and made our bed.

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