Easing Your Anxiety From Moving

Everyone wants to do what is best for their families. Sometimes that includes moving to another street, or to another state. When making a move becomes evident, and children are involved, informing them of the details becomes an important part of adjusting to the new surroundings.

Before a box is packed, you should sit down with your children and explain to them why you are moving, where you are moving, and when you are moving. These are important issues to cover, especially if the child is in their preteen to teen years as they have formed close friendships. Explain why the move is necessary: work related, health reasons, or to move closer to family. Spend some time with your children to openly discuss their fears or concerns about moving to the area. Show your children that their lives will not come to a screeching halt because their friends live miles away.

A good way to help ease the situation is to go on the internet and look up the town you are moving to. Have them look up nearby shopping malls, theaters, parks, the library, and schools by using internet websites such as Google Earth as a way to help the transition.

Prior to moving out, and if possible, take the family for a visit in the area where you are moving to. Spend a few days or a week in the town and explore some of the local businesses, such as a restaurant, a park, or the mall. Showing the children around the town can help bring reassurance to them that this move can be a positive experience.

Drive to the neighborhood you are moving to and walk around the block to get a glimpse of the family life. If you can, take a tour of the house with the children to allow them to get use to the idea that this will be their new home. Allow them to participate in decorating their rooms, such as choosing the color of the paint, any borders, or art work for the walls.

Another possibility is to join an online chat group that is active in the area you are moving to. There are many available through different chat groups on the internet. These chat groups are a great way to get involved with the community, even before moving. This is also a good way to learn about area events and meet some of the people in the area.

Buy your children their own address book so they can collect the addresses, phone numbers, and emails of their friends. Also let them know they will be able to visit their friends in the future. Make sure they understand that moving to a new area does not mean they have to give up their friends. Instead, it is an opportunity for them to meet new friends.

Remember to openly discuss the moving decision with your children, letting them know why you are moving. Make moving an adventure so they can focus on the positive. Moving is stressful enough, by allowing your children the ability to be active participants in the process, you are helping to ease the transition.

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