Building a Green Home: What Are Your Options

If you are looking into building a new home, and going green while doing it, there are a few different options that are available to you. Going green is so important in this day in age, because we as humans have already done so much damage to our planet that is irreversible. Over the last decade, building a home that is environmentally friendly has not only became more practical, but it has also become more affordable. There are many builders around the country that have plans for green homes, and access to all of the materials you need. All you have to do is decide what model to go with, and what materials to use.

Building with rock is not a new concept, people have been doing it since the beginning of human life. This is a more popular structure out west, but can be done anywhere around the country. Stones can be used with the proper masonry to build beautiful homes that aren’t harmful to the environment in any way. The stone is very sustainable and requires little to no maintenance. The accessibility of rocks in your region is going to determine how expensive this house will cost, however it is normally one of the more cost efficient options when building a green home.

Wood houses are obviously green, however the trees that you use are going to depend whether your house was a good choice in helping the environment. When building a log or wooden home you need to make sure that the timber comes from a tree farm or forest that has proven to be abundant enough in greenery that it can be harvested. If people are cutting down trees in areas that are already damaged from harvesting, than your house is no longer environmentally friendly. With a log or wood home you can normally build any floor plan that you are interested in that is built with conventional supplies. They are fairly easy to build and finding experienced builders shouldn’t be difficult.

You can do a green home with a combination of materials to get the more popular looks that are being built right now. You can use stone, wood, and also recycled glass. These homes will look more like the homes that you see driving through popular subdivisions, and some probably won’t have any idea that the home is a green home. Or some people prefer to build there homes in mostly recycled glass. This will take a very skilled architect and builder to accomplish this task, and even though you are using recycled glass it could still get very costly.

Building a green home goes beyond just the exterior of the home. There are many other options for you to use in your home. With the flooring you can use stone or wood, or even a poured concrete. The walls can be wood or use green dry wall, which is made of recycled materials. The roof may be a little more difficult, depending on what you use. You can use solar panels to help heat your home and provide electricity, or you can use another system that is earth and vegetation. All of your piping can also be made out of recycled plastics.

Decorating your home will be easy too. Make sure you get all energy efficient appliances. This is everything from the kitchen to toilets, and also the wash room. You can get all recycled or green decor that is made out of all natural products. Organic clothing, bedding, and accessories can be found almost anywhere the regular items are sold. Use power cords to save energy, and thermal curtains to keep in the cold or heat.

When building a green home check with local builders around you to see the options for your region. Many more builders are doing there part to provide people with the option of building a green home, so hopefully you can find the builder that will best suit you. Going green to help preserve the planet and is one of the best things you can do as an individual, how big do you want your carbon footprint to be?

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