Your New Home: After the Move

Moving day is finally here! You have spent weeks or even months searching for your new house, followed by a long and anxious wait to close. Once you are handed the keys and unload the last box your work is done right? Unfortunately there are plenty of things that can be overlooked or forgotten about during this hectic time so here is a brief guide to assist so you can focus on enjoying your new home.

Really get to know the area

Hopefully you have spent some time investigating the neighborhood you are moving to. More than likely you are aware of typical things such as distance to shopping, where the schools are and access to main roads. But there are plenty of little details that were probably never mentioned by your real estate agent. You should search out where the police and fire stations are in case of an emergency. Check the town’s website for local festivals and events. If you live in association attend a board meeting to get to know your neighbors as well as more information about the neighborhood. For cold weather towns it is useful to find out where your street falls priority wise for snow plowing before the first big storm. Of course you do not want to forget to find the best local pizza shop!

Change your address – for everything

More than likely you have already had the utilities set up in your new home before you closed and your mail forwarded from the Post Office. However mail forwarding will only last for so long and some items, such as magazines, end sooner than others. You will want to make sure to change your address for your banks, credit cards and any other companies you make payment with. Magazines and other publications also must be notified. Another category often forgotten about is organizations or groups that send out information such as your college, fraternity/sorority, sports ticket accounts, fundraisers or any other organization that you like to receive information from. Most of the time you can do this online which makes the process quick and painless.

Don’t forget about the minor repairs

Many times during a home inspection there will be a few minors repairs pointed out that generally are not severe enough or pricey enough to warrant asking the seller to handle since they are a quick fix. Simple things such as tightening a light switch, cleaning out a vent, adjusting a closet door and many other minor inconveniences can be left to your responsibility once you move in. Do not let these little fixes go! Right after you move in will be the time you have the must energy and excitement in your home, so use that enthusiasm to get everything accomplished. The longer you live with a little annoyance the more likely you will get used to living with it. Now is a perfect time to trim those bushes or change out the shower head. Getting in the habit of taking care of minor issues right away will help you in the long run.

Enjoy your new home!

You have put too much time and effort to simply move in and continue on with your daily routine. Purchasing a new home, especially your first place, should be a moment of great pride and happiness. Make sure you take the time to entertain with your new kitchen and finished basement like you talked about with your agent the first time you looked at the house. Set up your grill on the deck or patio and enjoy the backyard you wished for. Take the dog for a walk in the neighbor and enjoy the sidewalk you both wanted and meet the neighbors. This is the moment you have spent all these months or even years waiting for – make sure to make the most of it!

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