Toledo Real Estate Market: House Prices & Trends

Toledo is at the northeast of Ohio along the edge of Lake Erie. It is less than a one-hour drive from Detroit. Economic support in this city is from transportation, manufacturing, car engineering, glass manufacturing field, and health and education. Massive glass production in Toledo makes it get a term of The Glass City. Population and job growth are stable and combined with the affordable Toledo real estate market. It has an affordable house rental price. It makes the investors notice Toledo real estate market in 2022.

A Brief Overview of Toledo Real Estate Market 

Toledo is a growing city in the US. It becomes the best choice for investors to expand their business. What makes it look so promising?

  1. Massive Home Supply

Toledo real estate is a buyer market with a massive home supply from the home and house demands. It is good news for real estate investors who want to buy a great rental property at a low price without a price war. Toledo Ohio real estate is a promising real estate market in the US. Many investors bid on this area to expand their business.

  1. Stable Growth

Toledo is a perfect real estate market for investors finding and seeking a rental property in an affordable single-family in market. It has a sure and stable growth for the rental. It has an average price per square less than $90 for a house. It is easy to understand why Crash Money Ranks seeds Toledo to be the second-best home buyer market in the US.

  1. Low Price

Relatively cheap residences and houses for sale toledo Ohio are the right reasons for buying them in Toledo. It is a bright spot in Toledo to attract investors and buyers. Many people tend to invest in Toledo, Ohio. Regardless of the low residential cost in the city, Toledo is a popular rental market. Half of the population in Toledo prefers renting it.

Toledo Background Details

Before you rent or buy real estate in Toledo, Ohio, you need to be concerned about some background details in this city. There will be some reasons influencing the potential area of Toledo for real estate.

Toledo Population Growth

Toledo population is monitoring the slow growth in a long-term population to most cities in Ohio. It is good for developing real estate because it is an available wide area for building houses and real estate.

Main Population Statistics

  • Toledo is home to 271.000 citizens with almost 642.000 people living in the metropolitan area of Toledo. Toledo is the fourth most populous city in Ohio and 79th largest city in the US.
  • The population in Metro Toledo has increased by 6.5 % a year per year.
  • Toledo has a strong economical bond with Detroit located 40 miles north away from Toledo. It is a part of Megapolis Great Lakes. Toledo consists of Fulton, Lucas, and Wood.

Toledo’s population is so massive that it is a promising area for investors to expand the real estate. Toledo real estate market is so teasing to earn more profits.

Toledo Job Market 

Toledo seeds the first rank for new business investment. It is a sign of economic momentum in Toledo growing fast. Toledo market is so promising because it is a building project with a value of $ 2.2 million creating more than 3.500 new job vacancies and more than 1.000 units of new residences. Of course, it makes the real estate business so promising in the Toledo area.

Main Job Statistics

  • Toledo PDB is almost $33.5 million and increased more than 9% for 10 last years. Job growth in Toledo increases by 8.43% per year and jobless decreases by 4.2%. The employment sector shows the highest growth like construction, trading, transportation, and manufacturing.
  • The industrial cluster industry in Toledo and Lucas includes automotive components, plastics, logistics, technical services, and biomedical manufacturing.
  • The biggest businessmen in Toledo and Lucas include Promedica, Bowling Green State University, GM, Mercy Health, Real Estate Investment Trust, Welltower, and Marathon Petroleum Corporation.
  • More than 90.7% of Toledo citizens are the graduation from senior high school. It has 28.2% of citizens reaching bachelor’s degrees. Toledo is the main centre and artery for the logistics railway of Norfolk and Southern and CSX.
  • Port of Toledo provides logistics and commodity shipment to all areas of the Great Lakes. Toledo Express Airport provides stopless services for Tampa, Chicago, Forty Myers, Orlando, and Charlotte.

Complete facilities and job market chances make the rental properties toledo Ohio increasing every year. It makes the investors prefer building their business in this area.

Toledo Real Estate Market

Toledo’s real estate market is the best choice for investors in the US in 2022. It is a buyer market with a massive home supply from the home demand. It is good news for real estate investors to buy rental properties at an affordable price without a price war. The price war can increase the rental price for houses and residences in Toledo. It makes the rental price increase. When it increases, the rental power decreases. Of course, it affects real estate and property investors.

Main Market Statistics in Toledo Real Estate

  • Zillow Home Value Index in Toledo increases by $100.326 in November 2021
  • Home values in Toledo have increased 17.4% for one last year
  • Home values in Toledo over the five years increased by more than 66%.
  • A single-family home in median list price in Toledo is $114.900. It is categorized to be an average price.
  • Sales for single-family houses average in Toledo is $119.300.

Toledo is a market for buyers with a more massive home supply than a home demand. Of 25 environments in Toledo, Westgate is the most expensive one from the median price list for $183.000. The most affordable environment in Toledo is Northriver. It is the home media price list for this is $27.000.

Toledo Strong Renter Market 

Toledo has a strong renter market for properties and real estate. Toledo is one of the 25 cities in the US where a social guarantee check will ease the rental price for properties and houses. It seems to be one reason why almost a half of household houses in Toledo are rentals rather than owning it. It is also a reason why Toledo real estate market is so strong and stricter than the other areas in the US. The home price in Toledo is projected to increase by 11.0%. The sales volume in the market grows by 2.4%.

Main Market Statistics

  • The median rental in Toledo is $930 per month for three units of bedrooms based on the latest research.
  • A rental price in Toledo has increased 4% per year
  • In the three years, the rental price for three units of bedrooms in Toledo has increased by 16%.
  • A residential unit for renters donates 45% of a residential unit total in Toledo.
  • The most affordable environment in Toledo for a rental is Old West nd, Lagrange and Englewood where the rental price for $495 and $775 per month.
  • The most expensive rental area in Toledo is Southwyck, Reynolds Corner, and Westgate in which the rental price reaches $ 1.400 per month.

Historic House Changing in Toledo

When it narrows options on real estate market buying properties, investors usually input data about a house changing data and home availability in their analysis. A price change can show an appreciation potential in the future. An affordable house can help you to show a request potential for rental property and real estate. There was a monthly report about Toledo real estate in the US. It conveys the best information details for home rentals and buyers. It has changed for five years to buy a cheap house. It reaches 42.7 %. It also has a year change for a house price of 11.4%. It has a monthly house price of about 0.3%. It confirms a residence availability index which is a report showing the availability to buy houses in every market in the US.

However, affordable houses are not always a bad rental market. For example, homes in Toledo are very cheap compared to buying the other houses in the US. It almost reaches 50% of the household house rentals than buying your houses. There will be some influencing factors such as an economical level, low residential inventory offers, and lifestyle preferences. It uses 1o0 to be an availability index number. When you make an analysis, the researchers can see a family income depending on the single-family houses and residences to buy using conventional hypothecs where it decreases by 20%.

Quality Life in Toledo

When you decide to live in Toledo, you should estimate the living cost in Toledo. Toledo citizens are friendly. The living cost is affordable in which you can bid on some promising chances. Toledo is the best place for businesses and carriers. It is also a living place for business, working, and education. The living cost in Toledo is 13% under the national average cost in the US. It is to be the best place for living in Lucas County. It gives the highest rank of cities with nightlife and low living costs. The weather in Toledo is continental and wet with four different seasons. Those are summer, wet, humid, and snowy. Toledo is a home for glass companies producing glass, bottles, and art which it gets the term The Glass City.

Toledo Real Estate Market FAQs

Before you rent real estate in Toledo Ohio, you can reveal an FAQ about this city. There will be some questions convincing me to live in this city.

Is Toledo Ohio the Best Place for Investment?

Toledo seeds the first rank for new business investment. It is an economic momentum to build a new business. It has a building project with a value of $2.2 million providing new 3.500 jobs and more than 1000 new residences. Toledo’s real estate market is one of the best places in the US in 2021. You can sell rental properties for customers depending on the other cities. It has the highest cash level for buying and renting residences.

Is Toledo a Great Living Place?

Toledo is listed to be the best city in the US for living and retirement. Toledo seeds the 116th rank of metro areas for the living place.

Is Toledo a Cheap Living Place?

Toledo has an 87 living cost index and is 13% more affordable than the national average. The cheapest living place is in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Is Toledo Real Estate Cheap?

Toledo houses and residences are much cheaper to buy than you buy a house in the other cities in the US. Almost 50% of households rent a house in Toledo. Some factors that influence it include an economy level, low residential inventory offers, and lifestyle preferences.

Is It Difficult to Buy a House in Toledo, Ohio?

Buying a house in Toledo, Ohio is not difficult to do. If you work with a real estate agent, you can get details.

How Much Many Are the Population of Toledo?

Toledo metropolitan area is a central metropolitan area in Toledo, Ohio. It has a population of 651.429 people. Toledo reduces to the level of -0,78% per year. The population keeps reducing by -7,20% since a new census. It recorded a population of 287.208 in 2010. The range of the region is about 84 miles in which Toledo has a population density of 3.311 people per rank of 84 miles square.

What is the Safest Part of Toledo?

It has some safe parts in Toledo based on 2022 Niches Best Places to Live in Toledo, Ohio such as Ottawa Hills, Toledo Suburb, Sylvania, Waterville, Maumee, and White Horse.

Is Toledo a Safest City?

With a criminal level of 39 per 1000 people, Toledo has the highest criminal level in the US depending on all communities and cities. The chance to be a criminal violence and victim is one of 25 cases.

How Much Is the best Salary in Toledo?

Toledo real estate market is always teasing. It is equal to the people’s monthly salary. The annual salary in Toledo is $28.000.

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