How to Move with Your Pet Cat

Moving with your pet cat is harder than moving with other pets. This is because cats have hard times adjusting. Cats have minds of their own and they are likely to stick closely to their usual routines. You might always think that moving is very tiring and stressful but your cat is more stressed. He doesn’t know what’s going on, of course. Even he is just a pet. You must consider his needs in order to have a stress-free moving. It will bring ease to your cat and to you.

To help your cat understand what’s going on, pack early. He will notice the things in your house kept little by little and it will surely give him an idea that you’ll be going to a new place soon. In a matter of time, your cat will be adjusting to the boxes around your house that he’ll start sniffing and maybe even sleeping on them. Just like a human being, shocking your cat by packing only a few days before moving will depress him and make him anxious.

Never make any sudden, unnecessary changes especially in your cat’s daily routine. Feed him the usual time you feed him. Let him find his place in the house where he’ll be comfortable enough to sleep and play in that area. Keep his toys near so that he won’t wander. Make sure that he still gets the same treatment that he gets before. These things will make him feel that no matter where you take him, he still feels at home and secure. Don’t forget to buy your cat a new Id tag with your latest home address and you can also add your contact number. You won’t panic in case you’ll lose him during or after the trip cause the person who’ll find him will know where to return. And also, little kitty will appreciate the new accessory.

Once you moved in to the new house, you can’t avoid that there will be neighbors bringing housewarming gifts for you. Your cat might be aggressive because he’ll be seeing those people for the first time. To avoid this from happening, put your cat inside a cage away from people or lock him inside the room and place a warning or note on the door. Not only it will cross out the risk of him escaping, it will also give you an ease bonding time with your neighbors. If your cat is not used to long road trips, have him beside you inside the car while traveling Place him inside a pet carrier. Bring a bag with all his need so that you won’t take time hassling yourself trying to find his pet food inside the other bags. You can also take your cats into short road trips so he won’t have a hard time adjusting on the long ones.

Let your cat find a place inside your new home right after you arrived. Don’t force him into a place where he doesn’t want to. Move all the appliances inside before you bring your cat In so that he won’t consider the new place a big change. Once he smelled that the furniture smelled like the ones in your old house, he’ll be starting to adjust in his new found place.

Always consider your pet’s needs in time of big adjustments like moving into a new house. He is also part of it. Making the trip and the move easier for him will give you more time to relax and de-stress.

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