Where to Find Terrific Country Real Estate Buys in Rural America

If you earn your income online or receive social security or some other monthly income that normally pays your expenses, and if you can save about $10,000 you can buy a really nice country home with low down, low taxes and low monthly payments. How do you find these unique properties? Try United Country Real Estate. They have an interesting web site and I’ve posted that at the end of this article. I’ve owned expensive urban property but after really looking at some of the country homes in Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois and several other states, I regret not finding this web site first.

If you want an old plantation or just a great old farm with house and land, you can usually find something under $100,000. If you need to work at a big urban company, than looking through these country properties might be pointless. However if you’re ready for a change you might find something that peaks your interest. It’s important to note, many of these properties are not really that conveniently located. That’s one of the reasons why the prices are low. However, If you have a decent amount of retirement pay or if you make a comfortable living online, or just have some “socked away”, you’ll probably find a property you can afford from $25,000 on up. Many will have more land than you ever thought of having, but hey… build a huge greenhouse, a fancy barn or whatever you like. Some of these houses are teardowns or real fixer uppers. However, with some elbow grease and persistence you’ll have what you want in a couple of years and you’ll save a ton of money.

Once you commit to buying a country property you might find yourself interested in a real homesteading experience, there will be plenty of land for raising goats, chickens, ducks, pigs or a vast organic vegetable garden. Depending on where you buy your home, you’ll be able to hunt and fish for the table, forage for wild herbs and mushrooms or start a small forestry project. If you locate your property in a sunny area you can experiment with alternative energy sources and adobe housing. The sky’s the limit when you have enough property to carry out your wildest dreams. Fish farming, game bird raising or how about a private zoo or an animal rescue environment? But you better come prepared for some hard work. Sweat equity is the way to go.

If you find the thought of living off the land fascinating then I would recommend buying a copy of Countryside Magazine amp; Small Stock Journal. The web site is great and the magazines are fabulous. When you live in the city, there is so much you don’t experience. Live in the country and your life will be entirely different. No more fancy restaurants and clubs, however you will have clean air, fishing and wild game. I know you probably won’t miss the gangs and the urban crime either. What are you waiting for? Go take a look at some of those properties offered on the United Country Site (www.unitedcountry.com). Then go ahead and make a plan for the future that makes sense for you and your family.

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