Moving Day Kit: Things You Will Need Right Away in Your New Home

Moving day can be very exhausting and when you get to your new place you may not have time or energy to sort through all the boxes looking for the every day things you need to live. It is a good idea to make a moving kit of the things you need for every day life. The moving kit should be in a box that you keep with you all the time throughout the move and it should have all the things you need to be comfortable.

When you move you will need to know where your medications are and if you have a small child you will need everything that child will need like diapers, food and water. You may want to add some of the child’s favorite toys to the moving kit.

Snacks may be important when you get to your new place so add some snacks to your moving kit. Have healthy snacks and water for everyone in the move. Extra clothing is good to have in the moving kit so that there are clothes to sleep in and clothes to wear the next day. That way you can feel clean in your new home.

Personal items like toothbrushes, soap and hair brushes are something you will want to have as soon as you get to your new home. Before you pack up the old bathroom take out some of the items you will want right away and keep them in the moving kit.

Bedding for everyone is a large package to keep track of but you are going to want to get a good nights sleep. Keep bedding for everyone in the moving kit.

In the morning you will want what ever you like to have in the morning like coffee. Have your breakfast food on hand or if you are going to live near a restaurant you may want to go out for breakfast.

The keys to your new home are very important. The moving crew does not want to stand around waiting for you to find your keys. Make sure you know where your keys are so you can get into your new home.

Moving day is very stressful but you can ease some of the stress by packing a kit to have with you for all the things you don’t want to be without. The kit should contain everything you will need for that night in your new home and for the first morning in your new home. It takes some planning to make the moving kit but it will make your first night and day in your new home easier.

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