Home Staging: The Basics

Home staging has become a very popular topic since the real estate market bubble has burst. Without home staging, it makes it much more difficult to sell your home. If you can not afford to have your home professionally staged, there are things you can do yourself.

The idea of home staging is to make it a warm and welcoming place that person would love to move into. They should be able to envision themselves living there.

The absolute most important part of home staging is the clean up. No one wants to live in a dirty house. No one wants to envision the first days in their new home will consist of being on their hands and knees scrubbing until they can see through the dirt.

Take inventory of what you have in the house. Rent a storage unit if necessary, but remove anything that clutters up the house. Simple is always better. For example, a living room is just fine with a fireplace, a couch, a rug, a coffee table, and a few choice accessories. Don’t overwhelm the buyers with clutter or bright colors. Keep everything neutral. Bright purple walls are a hard sell, even if it is only paint. White or light beige are great neutral colors that do not overwhelm the room.

Depersonalize your home. Your great aunt Thelma’s picture needs to be put away so the buyers can envision their own family on the wall. I am sure she will understand. Take down all pictures and mementos including sports memorabilia and put them away. After all, I die hard Chicago Bears fan will not like picturing himself in a home with Green Bay Packers pennants on the wall.

On the days you are expecting a showing, get rid of the pets and the kids if possible, and even maybe yourself. If you have hired a realtor, it is their job to sell the house. Bake some cookies for your guests before you leave. This will not only give your home a wonderful smell but also welcomes the buyers to your (and hopefully their) home.

Making sure your guests feel comfortable is very important to selling your home, and these tips should get you well on your well to selling your house.

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