Save Energy, Save Money with Today’s Manufactured Homes

In these economic times, the decision to purchase a home has become a very serious consideration, with cost of ownership in both the short and long term being in the forefront of the buyer’s mind. One of the most important factors consumers should consider when buying a home is its energy efficiency rating, as this can add up to substantial savings over the life of the home. Today’s energy efficient manufactured home is no different from any other home, except it has been built off-site, usually in a controlled factory environment, using the latest in energy efficient technologies. Coupled with a lower cost per square foot as compared to site-built homes, today’s manufactured home is a smart investment for today’s savvy homebuyers.

Each manufacturer may have a different label, but one that stands out is the Energy Star designation. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) created the Energy Star logo as the symbol for energy efficiency because of the direct link between wasted energy and air pollution. Manufacturers and builders voluntarily display the logo on products and new homes that meet or exceed high energy efficiency guidelines. Some of these everyday products include heaters, air conditioning units, household appliances, residential light fixtures, and new homes. The Manufactured Housing industry is proud to display this designation on its quality homes.

By implementing these standards into the construction of today’s manufactured home, consumers and builders alike can reap the benefits of energy efficient housing solutions, further emphasizing a manufactured home is not any different when it comes to energy efficiency. Manufacturers who utilize energy efficient light fixtures and appliances show that they are doing their part to help preserve and protect our precious natural resources, while offering the consumer significant savings on their utility bills. Combined with an almost 30 percent savings on heating, cooling and hot water, manufacturers make it possible for the consumer to afford more home, due to the lower cost per square foot that is inherent to the factory construction process.

Another advantage of today’s energy efficient manufactured home is the tight construction that helps reduce levels of indoor pollutants, such as dust, mold, carbon monoxide, radon gas and pollen. Proper ventilation helps prevent the accumulation of unhealthy air and humidity within the home. Tight construction also means less maintenance is required, and the more money the consumer saves.

Energy experts agree that energy efficient homes are the only home choice today. Energy efficient dual-pane windows not only minimize heating and cooling loss, they also help protect the interior and contents from sun fading. With less energy loss, heating and cooling equipment performs more efficiently, maximizing its life span. The temperature inside is also more easily controlled and maintained. Noise levels from outside sources are reduced to comfortable levels.

Look for an energy efficiency rating or label on your next manufactured home. Don’t settle for anything less, because in the end, an energy efficient manufactured home saves money.

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