DIY Real Estate: How to Use Home Staging to Sell a Home More Quickly

Selling a home is an involved task usually taken on by a trained and licensed real estate agent. When homeowners decide to sell a home on their own, there are many tips and tricks to selling a home quickly they may not know about. One of the most successful ways to sell your home is with home staging. But, what is staging and how do I make staging work for me?

Staging is a real estate term used to describe a method of decorating a home in a neutral manner more likely to be appealing to a home buyer. Homes that are staged tend to sell more quickly as home buyers are visually able to picture themselves in the home. But, how do you stage a home without the help of a real estate agent or professional staging company?

Homeowners can easily begin the staging process by removing every piece of furniture and accessory in the home. Minimal furniture will be returned at a later time during staging.

After furniture removal the second and most time intensive part of staging will begin. All walls will need to be painted a neutral color. Appropriate colors would include any light brown or tan. Homeowners must remember they are trying to sell the home so this color choice, even though not the homeowners favorite possibly, is the color most home buyers are looking for.

After furniture removal if the homeowner finds any damages to walls or flooring, this is the time to fix the blemishes. Trying to hide physical imperfections with paint and pictures will only result in a negative image from home buyers.

When staging a home for sale it is advisable for homeowners to place room appropriate furniture in each room. If you have listed your home as a four bedroom with a den or office, each bedroom should be equipped with bedroom specific furniture. The den or office, on the other hand, should only contain furniture such as a desk and chair or small sofa. When staging a room, a homeowner must think minimally. The less clutter in a room the more easily a home buyer will be able to visualize their belongings in the space.

The final part to the staging process is furniture selection and placement. Whether you are using your own furniture or renting furniture for the staging, you will only want to place the necessary room defining furniture into each room. The home buyer will be allured by the image of excessive space. The more space the home buyer thinks the home has the better deal they will believe they are getting.

Staging a home for sale without the help of a real estate agent or professional staging company can be an overwhelming process. If a homeowner remembers to keep the home spaces simple and neutral, the staging will be a success and the home will sell more quickly.

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