Want to Sell Your House Double Quick?

A person living on the 22nd St in Hamilton City is easily able to attract more prospective buyers for his house while another sitting just a few blocks away cries in vain when he too tries to sell his place with no visitors at all. Have you wondered why such an unusual thing does happen all the time? Surely you might say that it is the price and the location of the house is what that settles the final deal – but there are a few more considerations that do matter. Here are a few selling tips to close that deal double quick…

1. Commission a top-of-the-line real estate agent.This should be clear to anyone because more often than not the more exposed the agents are with a reputation for success, the quicker will your precious house sold.

2. Position yourself as a buyer for your own house. Look at it the way a potential customer would look. Is there anything in this place that should prove to be disadvantageous to the new inmates? Maybe you can invite your friends and relatives to state an opinion.

3. Remember that a fast selling real estate is a direct consequence of some excellent marketing efforts. Get your house be attracted by the largest advertising campaign that you can manage. There are so many houses and flats being sold all the time. So a wider exposure will be an advantage.

4. Can you offer any incentives? This will depend entirely on you. Negotiating an extra perk like resurfacing the the upper ceiling wall or fixing another door at the back can lure your customers to speed up their decision to buy your house.

5. What if all of these efforts fail to get the only customer to visit your house to say yes? One way is to offer your house on rent. Tell that your real need is to sell the house. A rented house with an option to buy at a later date is always an attractive proposition.

Do not be carried away by your grandmother’s old saying that these things happen as per your destiny and your luck for the moment. Follow the rules and you will soon have a buyer.

Finally after all the wheeling and dealing you have a buyer who is willing to sign on the dotted line. Because it is a contract that is binding on both you and the buyer, it is important that you both understand the components of a real estate contract. This is all the more concerning if you are trying to sell the house on your own. Remember that the various contents in the contract are negotiable; so knowing more about them can prevent you from being cheated by contracts given and taken. Most contracts should answer the following questions…

  • A complete description of the property on hand.
  • What are stipulations in the mortgage if there is one? Determine the remaining mortgage rate.
  • What deposit needs to be given and to whom will it be given?
  • A home selling contract should give a final limit of what is being sold.
  • When and where will the contract be closed?
  • Will the seller be allowed to inspect his house?
  • Will the seller be allowed to conduct inspections for issues like termite removal, toilet modifications etc.?
  • Is there an insurance covering this house? If so, the details about its term, limits and beneficiaries?

To sum up, understanding and dealing with these issues will prove handy to locate suspicious elements in the contract, elements that will prove harmful for either of you parties. Both parties should appreciate that they should have the option to back out without attracting any penalty. You, as the seller is more likely to be affected.

The problem in all of this is that you might still have to face a difficulty in drawing a contract that is perfect. So, as we said earlier, utilizing the services of an estate agent should be the wise way to go about it. Still, if you want to do it on your own, play the game of doing extensive research. These days you have websites that give a formal dummy contract in PDF format. You can do well to consult with an attorney to assist you with the legal terms of the contract.

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