The Advantages of Buying an Older Home

This article discusses some of the advantages of buying an older home. For the sake of argument, this article is not about buying dilapidated homes that had gone in disrepair; although, one could still argue if you buy one of those, there are still some advantages to them – but that is for another topic. If you have already read my article The Advantages of Buying a Brand New Home you would see some of the points and differences whereby the advantage of one may be the disadvantage of the other. If you are in the market to buy a home, these two articles can, hopefully, help you in your research.

Here are some of the advantages in buying an older home:

Character and Charm

Most people opt to buy older homes than building or buying brand new ones because older homes have the character and charm not seen in newer homes. Unless you custom-built your home, bedroom communities do not build Victorian homes reminiscent of the bygone era. Age adds to the character of a home, like the patina finishes that can oftentimes be accomplished only when a house had been standing for years. The brand new homes are more of cookie cutter type, with less architectural details that are seen in older homes.

Quality Craftsmanship

If you have ever had the privilege to enter a home built with quality workmanship like a Craftsman, Victorian, or Georgian style homes you can certainly be assured that these are made with the highest standards. The crown moldings and intricate wood details and plasters that were used are no longer seen in today’s newer homes. A lot of those built decades, even centuries ago were handmade by wood carvers and carpenters who do not have the conveniences of using high powered tools. They are not manufactured in hundreds of pieces. More than likely, each piece on an older home is unique and a work of art on its own adding great value to the home.

Test of Time

Another thing great about buying an older home is that it has been tested through time. Homes that had been in existence for decades, even hundreds of years is a testament to their true quality. Some of these places have gone through different climate changes and calamities, and if they are still standing, chances are, they will still be there a hundred years from now.


One thing about older homes that you cannot find in newer homes is the history that comes with them. The people or generations of families that lived in the older homes just add to the mystery and charm of your home. As if your home can speak of stories of those who had lived there long ago.

Established Neighborhood and Schools

Unless you are building a new home in the middle of an older neighborhood you would more than likely not be in an established neighborhood as much as older homes do. Neighborhoods sometimes take years to build, and if you are in an established neighborhood, chances are, the community is stronger too. Established neighborhoods would also mean established schools and other amenities.

Backyard Landscaping

I remember when we bought our brand new home; it took us several months before we could use our backyard. Buying an older home would also come with a landscaping that took years to grow. Hundred year old oak trees that can give shade to your backyard do not grow overnight. Unless you are planning on planting mature trees, you cannot accomplish this with brand new homes.

Bigger Land

Older homes, for some reason, have bigger land. Back when land was cheaper, these homes were built with more square footage of land than newer homes. Unless you have bought acreage of land to build your homes, buying mega new homes on a small lot can be a disadvantage of buying newer homes.

Desirable Locations

Location, location, location- that is the real estate name of the game. Most desirable locations no longer build newer homes. Most brand new communities are built in the suburbs or 50 or more miles away from the most desirable locations. Come to think of it, some of these locations became desirable because of the established neighborhoods themselves. They are close to all amenities and conveniences.

So there you have it folks! Hopefully after you read this and the opposing article (The Advantages of Buying a Brand New Home) you can be able to list down the pros and cons of buying older and brand new homes and help in your decision making. Good luck!

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