Selling a Home During the Real Estate Slump

Trying to sell a house with the real estate market going downward? There are still many ways and many things and many ways that you can still sell your home and make a profit.

Check with several Realtors about setting a price on your home. You want you home to sell quickly, make sure it’s priced right for your neighborhood. An overpriced home will have difficulty selling. If you are in a hurry to sell you home, the Realtor will be able to give you tips on what to set your price at so it will sell fast.

Once you decide on a price you will want to walk through the house and be objective as to what the potential buyers will see. They will notice dull paint, and dirt that you may not notice. Painting is inexpensive and will bring you the asking price of the home. It will brighten up the rooms, as well as making the home appear well maintained. Do the repairs and the fix ups before the sign goes in the yard.

The outside of the home is what will make the buyers want to come inside and look around. Curb appeal is very important. Keeping the grass is cut and the yard in top condition will make the house look inviting from the outside. Paint the mailbox if it needs painted. Painting the front door of the home an inviting neutral color will help get the buyers inside the house.

De-clutter the house pack up everything that you will not need. Buyers want to see the house not your personal belongings. Keeping things clean and simple will attract more buyers and offers for the home. Considering hiring a staging company that will come in and stage the home to make it look the best for potential buyers. Or if you can’t afford that ask a friend to come and help you decide which things will make the home sell faster. Organizing the closets and making them appear bigger is a big selling point. If your closet is over flowing the closet space appears smaller. Take out the excess clothes and stuff and pack it away in a storage unit till after the sale.

After de-cluttering make sure the home is leaned from top to bottom. People notice dirt that you may not notice. Have the carpets scrubbed before listing the house, have the draperies cleaned, and replace or clean the blinds and the windows. You want the house to sparkle when someone walks in.

When the buyers do come to your home, open up the windows, and turn on lights. This way your home will appear bright and appealing. This is one great way to make your home appeal to many people. Brightness sells.

It is possible to sell a home during the market slump. Just look at your house the way a potential buyer would and make the changes prior to them coming to your home. Get a great listing agent that will be aggressive with advertising and marketing so they will be able to sell your home quickly.

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