Rochester Real Estate Market: House Prices & Trends

Now is perhaps the best time to purchase a property in Rochester real estate market. According to the Democrat and Chronicle, buyers might not get the cheapest price, but they may get a price lower than the peak price. Though the housing market in this city may be relaxing, the fundamentals still do not change. There are still more sellers and buyers in Rochester, helping to create a significant amount of competition.

The Rochester NY real estate market has pretty a way to go if it ever hopes to catch up with New York’s downstate economy. Therefore, it is better not to even compare the two for now. While the downstate economy of cities like Manhattan and Brooklyn continues to support the state’s reserves, other cities like Syracuse, Buffalo, and Rochester are struggling hard.

Rochester, New York at a Glance

Rochester is a city in New York that has a long history. Many people are not aware that this city is the largest flour producer in the country. It is because Rochester is more famous for its appealing vibes and attractive festivals. When you travel to this city, you will find more than 12.000 hectares of parks here, along with fun attractions like water parks and amusement parks.

Rochester is located near impressive nature spots like Genesee River and Ontario Lake. During the winter, there are even trails that offer cross-country skiing. This dynamic city is a home to many zoos, museums, breweries, and art galleries, making it a perfect destination to visit with friends, families, or even solo travellers.

Greater Rochester offers a nearly countless number of cultural institutions, including the Heritage Trail of the Erie Canal, Susan B. Anthony House, Eastman School of Music, as well as a recreation system and 3.500 urban acre parks. The Rochester NY cost of living is low, and it has great quality of life, attracting more and more people to live in this dynamic city.

Moreover, the economy in Rochester is the 4th largest in New York, driven by a variety of industries, including advanced manufacturing, research and development, and technology and science. There are many commercial buildings and houses in Rochester aged a century or more with many properties being renovated into modern workplaces and lofts.

Real Estate Market in Rochester

Besides New York City, the performance of housing markets in the Northeast stays strong, and Rochester is not an exception. According to Forbes’ most recent article, this city is among the hottest housing markets in New England. The main criteria for being one of the top real estate markets to invest and buy include a sale-to-list price ratio and lowest days on markets.

As it has been mentioned before, cities like Syracuse, Buffalo, and Rochester are struggling hard. However, it does not mean that Rochester is without any home. It is actually the opposite. While the recovery has yet to happen as many people hoped, appreciation rates have seen gains in the Rochester New York real estate for 3 years in a row.

So, while several things are not what residents of Rochester hope for, they are in the right direction. In fact, Zillow has already predicted a 2.4 percent rise in home values over the next year. This is thanks to historically high appreciation rates. Homeowners in Rochester have a bit more room to breathe after 3 consecutive years of appreciation. This way, a lot of residents now have more equity than they did at any point of the recession.

The entry of equity could be what the real estate market in Rochester needs since it could encourage owners to sell and raise inventory levels. Currently, the condition of the Rochester housing market has not encouraged new housing developments. In fact, constructions seem to have reached the lowest point, falling 3.2 percent below the long-term national average.

A shortage of new construction should limit new supply to the market. With fewer houses for sale Rochester NY, inventory will be enough to meet demands. However, short sales and foreclosures in the Richmond real estate market will add more properties to the market then in past years. The presence of distressed inventory should place downward pressure on median home prices. Here are some stats about the real estate market in Rochester.

  • Rochester property values have increased 14.5 percent over the past year.
  • Home values in Rochester have increased by 48 percent over the last 5 years.
  • Properties spend averagely 63 days in the market from listing to contract.
  • Median square foot listing price for a house in Rochester is $103.
  • According to the latest research from, the median listing price of a single-family home in the city is $145,000.
  • Zillow Home Value Index for Rochester is $195,824 as of November 2021.
  • The median sold price for a single-family home in Rochester is $160,100.
  • Of the 40 neighbourhoods in Rochester, the most affordable one to buy a home is Dutchtown, in which the median listing price is $52,400. While the most expensive neighbourhood is Park Central with a median listing price of $399,900.

Rochester Real Estate Market Trends

The current median Rochester homes prices are $128,100. However, while the rest of the United States experienced an average increase of almost 4 percent over the last year, homes in Rochester appreciated just 1 percent. The average home in the country comparatively appreciated by 25.8 percent over 3 years, while Rochester home values only rose 7.7 percent.

Homes in Rochester are heading in the right path, just not at the same rate as the rest of the nation. More than 6 percent of homeowners in the United States are behind or delinquent on mortgage payments. However, the housing market in Rochester doubles the national average. So, around 13 percent of all homeowners in this city are behind on payments.

Affordability in the Rochester real estate market continues to encourage demands. In fact, this city is cheaper than most real estate markets across the nation. Homeowners in Rochester allocate around 6.4 percent of their monthly income to their mortgage payments, while average homeowners typically put 16.1 percent of their monthly income towards their mortgage premiums.

At that rate, Rochester should remain considerably appealing to younger home seekers looking to buy their first houses. The current status of the housing market in Rochester is not exactly what we would want. But much like the rest of the nation, things are looking up. Appreciation rates are still increasing home prices, allowing more homeowners to take action.

The most important thing is that affordability continues to support and benefit the entire market. Young generations, especially millennials, will likely consider Richmond a nice place to buy their first house. For all purposes and intents, Rochester should take advantage of the upcoming years.

Rochester Real Estate Market Forecast

Rochester can be a profitable property investment choice for those of you who are searching for homes with a good flipping profit. As of June 2022, the median house price in Rochester is $245,062. Real estate experts expect a long-term increase. They predict the price of an average home in the city is $276,886 by June 2027. For a 5-year investment, investors can expect a profit of around 12.99 percent.

This means that if you invest $100,000 today on the Rochester real estate market, you may generate a profit of $112,990 by 2027. The city’s real estate prices and its market environment have been in a bullish period in the last 36 months. A positive trend in the near future is expected so that buying a property in Rochester seems to be a profitable investment.

Flipping properties when the market is in a bullish cycle is always easier. However, you should still better read up on real estate investment strategies, especially if you are new in this.

Population Growth in Rochester

Though the population growth in Rochester has increased only a little bit over a decade, experts forecast that this downward trend will not last long. When scientists predict a massive population migration to more livable places, Rochester is among the top areas to live in the next 50 years. Here are some statistics about the population growth in Rochester.

  • The population of Rochester is more than 211,000 people with more than a million residents living in the city’s metropolitan area.
  • Rochester is the 3rd most populous city in the state of New York, right behind New York City and Buffalo.
  • The population growth in Rochester decreased by 0.13 percent last year but grew by 0.36 percent over a decade. It is predicted that it may double over the upcoming 50 years due to massive population shifts.
  • Metro Rochester expands over 6 counties, including Orleans, Ontario, Livingston, and Monroe where Rochester is located.

Job Growth in Rochester

In terms of private sector job growth from year to year, the job market in Rochester is growing quicker compared to both the state and the country. According to a report from Rochester First, this city added 22,200 private sector jobs during the period of September 2020 and September 2021, with a growth rate of 5.2 percent. Rochester Regional Economic Development also reported that this city ranks the top metro area for future growth and strategic investment in tech innovation.

The job sector in Rochester is better than the national average and it still has rooms to grow. The job sector has shown an ability to maintain the real estate market in the city afloat, but circumstances can be better. The unemployment rate in Rochester is lower than the national average, which is 5.8 percent, close to Kansas City.

What should be concerned is the city’s job growth rate. Though the job market grows faster than both the state and the country, Rochester has shown a job growth rate of only 0.5 percent over a year. At this rate, this city is nearly one-quarter of the national average. Local employment growth for the rest of the nation is just below 2 percent.

  • Employment in Rochester grew by 3.5 percent over the last year, while the unemployment rate declined to 4.2 percent as of October 2021.
  • Forbes ranks Rochester among the top 100 places for careers and business.
  • The city’s median household income is $62,104 while per capita income is $35,147.
  • Major industry sectors in Metro Rochester include software and IT, optics and imaging, food and beverage manufacturing, life sciences, energy innovation, and advanced manufacturing.
  • Top 50 employers int eh Greater Rochester include Lifetime Healthcare Cos. Inc., L3Harris Technologies Corporation, Rochester Institute of Technology, Paychex, Wegmans Food Markets, Rochester Regional Health, and University of Rochester.
  • Key markets like Toronto, Philadelphia, Boston, and New York City are only 500 miles away from Greater Rochester.
  • 7 percent of Rochester residents are high school graduates or higher. While more than 37 percent have a bachelor’s degree or advanced degree.

Life Quality in Rochester

Business Insider ranks Rochester as one of the top 30 cities to live as the economy continues to recover. The report looked at 9 major quality of life metrics, including ability to work from home, education levels, housing affordability, population density, and unemployment rate.

  • According to Forbes, the living cost in Rochester is 11 percent under the national average.
  • US News and World Report ranks Rochester as one of the best places to live and retire in the United States, with many residents considered to be more friendly than downstate New Yorkers.
  • Rochester has a humid continental climate with 4 different seasons and a lot of precipitation throughout the year.
  • Commute times in the city averagely less than 21 minutes, leaving a lot of time left over for family and friends instead of struggling with the traffic.
  • Rochester is still recognized as a center for technological development, medical, and higher education.
  • Greater Rochester has cultural institutions, including the Rochester Museum and Science Center, International Museum of Photography and Film, and Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra.

Rochester Real Estate Market FAQ

  • Is It Recommended to Invest in the Rochester Housing Market?

Though the Rochester housing market is not as impressive as other cities, it is still predicted as a profitable option for property investment. Investors can expect a profit by 2027.

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