Pros and Cons of a Solar Roof on Your Home

As our planet continues to struggle with all of the emission and pollution being released on a daily basis to its atmosphere, we should all consider how we could do our part to help save our Earth. One way, while expensive, has proven effective and has its benefits to homeowners willing to shell out some money on this new technology. This new technology of course, is PV-panels (photo-voltaic panels). Known to many as simply solar panels. So why isn’t everyone installing these panels? Should you go ahead and do so? That is for you to decide but we hope these pros and cons will help you decide.


  • You can feel proud that you are doing your part to save the environment. Since solar panels use the sun’s rays, you reduce the need to burn carbon-based fuels to power your home.
  • It ends up saving you money. Once you get past the steep investment needed to get these installed, you will use up less electricity from plants and therefore reduce your utility bills.
  • You will most likely be able to get a tax break from your local government. Many provide tax breaks or credits as incentives to buy solar panels.
  • The panels require very low maintenance since they are not operated by machinery. The small maintenance they do require is usually covered by the warranty.
  • New modern solar panels provide a sleek look and give your house a stylish look.


  • The initial investment needed to get solar panels installed is large. It is hard to overlook this even though you will eventually get the money back on reduced utility costs.
  • Solar panels work only when there is sun light. This one is obvious, but you need to know that these are connected to an energy grid when it is night and during cloudy days to maintain your house powered.
  • The efficiency of the panels depends solely on your location and the type of weather. If you live far north and have very little sunlight coming through, then your panels will obviously be much less efficient.
  • You usually need a roof pointing south to have a significant effect. Small roofs or single panels randomly throughout wont do much at all.
  • The same way the panels can give your house a sleek look, they can also make it look clunky and funky. Older panels are square and actually mount on your actual roof raising some eyebrows from your neighbors.

Analyze these pros and cons and come to a conclusion on whether the sacrifices of going green outweigh the negatives.

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