Investor’s Guide to Vacation Rental Properties

Vacation rental property can be a very lucrative investment, but requires some different guidelines than when dealing with year-round living residence rental property purchases. One thing that is not different is that you have to do your research to see how the prospective property fairs on the vacation rental market.

Location is especially important when considering purchasing vacation rental property. Those interested in renting vacation accommodations already have in mind the general vicinity of the desired geographic location. Peace and security are important aspects that vacationers are looking for; therefore you should ensure that any vacation rental property you are considering is in a convenient, but safe area.

Family-friendly is a key phrase to remember when initiating your search for vacation rental property. This includes such characteristics as child accommodating furnishings that includes sturdy and not easy to break items. Properties near lifeguard monitored pools and playgrounds are prime vacation rental locations that would be attractive for families.

When it comes to affordable vacation rentals, families are looking for accommodations that offer amenities not available at most hotels. Affordable rental pricing along with amenities of privacy, view, full kitchen and space for everyone to move around are quite appealing to family vacationers.

Take a look around the property inside and out and see for yourself whether it feels homey to you. Not only should furnishings be sturdy to accommodate children, but those furnishings should also be comfortable. A well-equipped kitchen should be standard in the vacation rental as should the provision of recreational equipment.

Many vacationers want to be able to enjoy room to move in their rental accommodations, which is why vacation homes are often preferable over hotels. In assuring that your property is the one that vacationers with children or extended family accompanying gravitate to it should have a spacious atmosphere.

Wedding parties or families arriving in a specific vacation area for family reunions will want to be able to share expenses in a convenient spacious vacation rental property. You must ensure that your property can accommodate groups such as these in order to be able to make the most of your property investment. A reception room can be an especially attractive characteristic in a vacation rental property in order to attract differing functions.

Often a member of the family that is left out because of inability to find accommodations is that of a pet. Making your vacation rental property pet-friendly would be of great advantage, as there are families that would be willing to pay more for this feature. The majority of hotels do not allow pets and since there is a market for families with pets as part of the family on vacation, it would be to your advantage. Features such as a fenced property and wood floor as an alternative to carpeting can be quite pet-friendly. You can always cover any pet damage with some kind of stipulation in the rental agreement that the renter pay for any damages incurred by a person or animal.

In today’s technology dependent world internet access is necessary almost daily, even when on vacation. Types of internet access that you can provide range from DSL, WiFi or wireless connections.

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