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With the economy on the rocks, many people are looking to either buy or sell their homes. There are so many websites to choose from when it comes to putting your house on the market or trying to find an avaliable one. I recently had to do some reseach on the internet about three months ago to help my mother look for a house. I cam to so many dead ends, and it seemed that every site I went to you had to sign up. That can be annoying at times but I’ve come to believe that’s the best way to do it. I sometimes get emails when a property is listed in my area(and you can easily stop these emails just by clicking a link at the bottom of the email.) After looking on the internet I found five MLS searches that I really liked. is almost always the search that I use when trying to search for a new home. You can seach the less expensive homes to homes of huge grandeur. Not only can you search homes, but you can find apartments, condos, farms, ranches, land and many other living fixture that suits your taste. There are also virtual tours of some of these homes and many of them have pictures, if you choose to view them. I’ve come to the conclusion though, that this site has mostly high-priced homes that many wouldn’t be able to afford in the economic mess of 2009 and maybe even 2010. is a free seach that let’s you read the latest news on real estate and common questions and answers about buying and selling a property. These listings are listed by realtors in your area. It also has info about mortagage and a mortgage calculator for those of you who would like to mortgage off your home. There are so many categories that you can choose from when going on this site. You can look at land, search my acreage, commercial property(which is like a business property if your looking for a place to establish your business, obviously), investment property(which is purchased so that you can earn a return in either rent or a capital gain.) and even new construction if your looking for a brand new home to live in. is another great site to look on. You can search residential and commercial properties. You can serach the home value in your neighborhood and search MILLIONS of U.S properties. in Canada and places that are not in the united states.. allows you to search for foreclosed homes, you can even get help getting a loan, get just listed homes and get closing services. They also have links to top 10 MLS places to live and and top 10 foreclosure markets. This may be of especial interest to those who are planning on moving to a new state. You wouldn’t want to risk moving to a place where homes cost more and the city is expensive. let’s you have a detailed criteria search. You can search how many bedrooms and baths you would like, if you have children and would like to search a school close to your home. This is mostly a residential site and pertains to those living in that area I believe. Some other sites are and

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