How to Make Sure the Next Home You Rent is Not a Lemon

Renting a home is really not as simple as finding a location and paying the deposit. It really should be about making sure that it is the right home for your family. There are several things that you want to take into consideration before renting a location. Below is a checklist of what items you should take a look at, and what needs to be done.

Home inspection

Most choose not to do a home inspection when they are renting, but it really is something you may want to consider. A good landlord will not have a problem with you giving the property a thorough inspection. The one thing you don’t want is to move into a location that is full of termites, or has another major bug issue. You can pay a simple fee to get there rental inspected by someone you trust. If you are looking to rent in an apartment community, they may not be willing to allow an inspector into the home. You can however ask for a copy of any inspection reports on the property. They may be reluctant to give you this information, so be prepared. The other option is to bring an inspector with you when you first look at the apartment. Inspectors are trained to spot problems at first glance. Just make sure you have written permission for the inspector to come along with you.

Check out the neighborhood

Take the time to look over the neighborhood, and see if it is the type you want to live in. This may mean visiting the neighborhood at different parts of the day. Drive by in the morning on one day, the afternoon on another and the evening on another. This will really give you a clear picture of the neighborhood in which you live.

Talk to the current tenants

If the tenants still live there, take the time to talk with them when the landlord is not present. This way they will be able to speak freely about the rental and the landlord. This will give you a better idea as to whether this is the right place for you.

Evaluate the yard

At some rentals you will find the the landlord is responsible for the outside maintenance of the lawn. Other rental agreements make it the responsibility of the future renter. If you are going to be responsible for the amount of work required in the yard, make sure it is not too large and that you can handle it. Remember that this will take extra money, and some time out of your day.

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