How to Build an Effective Relationship with Your Real Estate Agent

You have worked hard to prepare your house for sale and you are ready to work with an agent. Maybe you are excited because you are full of ideas and can’t wait to tell him or her how to sell your house. Perhaps you are thinking that now you can take a back seat and let the agent do it all. It is also possible you are completely nervous and don’t know what is expected of you.

The good news is that both you and your agent have the same goal: To achieve a quick, profitable sale. So, what can you do to help make this happen?

It all starts with keeping an open mind. When listing your home for sale, you will probably be told some things that you had not even considered. A reputable agent will be honest with you. This could include suggestions on home improvements to make your home more marketable. For example, if some of your rooms have a very personal paint scheme he or she might suggest having them painted in a more basic color. This is called neutralizing. If carpets are very worn in some sections of your home they might suggest replacement. These are just two common examples.

Please do not take any comments your realtor will make in an offensive manner. That does not mean you cannot be equally open and honest with your realtor. On the contrary, communication is the key. If you think you can’t afford some of the improvements suggested, tell your agent. They can work with you. Realtors have many resources they rely on and they are glad to share with their clients. It is after all in their best interest to do so, as they rely a lot on referrals to obtain business. Happy clients mean more business.

When pricing your home keep in mind that realtors know the market. Please don’t think that they will price a home too low, just because it does not match the figure you have in your mind. Pricing a home too low is not advantageous to an agent at all, as it reduces their profit as well as yours.

A flexible attitude is also important. If your home has been on the market for a few weeks, you might be called on to make some changes. This could be a price adjustment, an incentive for sellers, etc.

Use common courtesy and keep your appointments if you can. Many people seem to think agents are very flexible. However, keep in mind that they have other clients, buyers, sellers, title companies, lawyers etc. Treat appointments with your realtor just like you would any other business appointment. If you have to cancel, try to do so with as much notice as you can. Every cancellation impacts their business day (and personal life), just like it would yours.

Following all these guidelines will contribute to making the sale of your house much more pleasant for everyone involved. Building a good relationship with your real estate agent will benefit you as well. Agents will tend to assign more priority to clients, if they have a pleasant association with them.

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