How to Apply for a Mortgage

With all this talk about the housing crunch, applying for a home mortgage for the first time can seem like a daunting and confusing endeavor. There is after all so much to figure out: What lender to go with, what kind of mortgage to get, how to understand all that paper work they thrown in with it. At times it could seem like more trouble than it’s worth. Still, it is possible, and is a lot easier than it’s made out to be. Here’s a few tips on how to apply for a mortgage.

The first thing any possible lender is going to ask for is basically everything. Prepare your tax information, insurance and any piece of important paper you can think of because chances are the lender is going to need it. Having everything ready to go will help speed things along. Maybe just throw everything that could possibly be relevant in a giant folder to keep it organized.

Next you can start the search for lenders that work for you. There are many, many to choose from and be careful which lender you trust. Beware of scams that ask for personal information with proper certification. See if the website you are on is verified or certified by online security companies. You can usually check this by scrolling to the bottom of the page. When you feel comfortable, contact a lender or two and see what they have to say.

Discuss with your lender all the options being presented to you. Whether you submit your application online or in person with a broker is up to you, but either way you should have a handful of mortgage choices to go with. Your decision on financing your home should be based on your income, personal assets and current circumstances. Go with the mortgage that fits your situation now and you could always refinance later if it’s necessary.

Finally, before submitting that application, review it and see if there was anything left out. Any and all relevant information will help you in the long run. Lenders will take into account many different things when they consider your application and a good lender will use that information to help you out the best they can. Once everything is checked and double checked, send out your application and give it some time. If for any reason your application was rejected by a particular lender, just go down your list of prospects. Also, it may be beneficial to consult a professional about your credit score to see if there is any way of improving it. Before long (if you’ve survived the journey thus far) you’ll find yourself in a cozy new house. Just remember to take your time with the application and don’t be afraid to ask some questions. You’ll be glad you did later.

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